I have finally stopped using iPages as my word application on the iMac. I have moved back to using LibreOffice. I ran into some incompatibilities with .doc files and I have never had a problem with LibreOffice.

I also got tired of having to “export” to the .doc format. With LibreOffice I can set the options to save in the Microsoft file formats. At $20 iPages was priced right, but the $0 for the entire LibreOffice is better.

Sorry Apple. iPages is going to have to improve more before I switch back.

2 thoughts on “Regression

  1. Hi Don,
    After my last computer crash, I decided to try LibreOffice in lieu of digging out the MS disks. So far, I am liking it a lot.

    One feature I do miss from MSOffice is the photo album creation in powerpoint. It lets you select all the photos in a folder and batch create the slides. LibreOffice requires dragging each photo to its own slide. Doable, but time-consuming. 🙂
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

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