2012 – The Best Is Yet To Come

It always amazes me to watch the fireworks that are set off during the holidays in Panama. Typically they are set off by ordinary individuals and the cost of some of the displays is staggering.

From our vantage point in David, I could look in a 360 degree circle and see fireworks going off everywhere. Random firecrackers have been going off for days, but as midnight approached the real show began.

We did get a frightened visitor during the festivities. A bird flew in the back door to get away from all the explosions and bright lights. He flew to every room trying to figure out how to exit. He finally became tired enough that I was able to pick him up. I could feel his small heart beating rapidly.

When the fireworks subsided I set him free. He entered the new year with a little anxiety and a hope that 2012 would be better than the year that had driven him into the apartment.

I guess he shares a lot of the hopes that many of us have. 2011 was a pretty tremulous year. The economy sucked, many retirement visions were put on hold, new worries arose for many of our grandchildren. We saw world rulers die, get treated for cancer, toppled or killed. We saw Panama’s previous dictator return to Panama to a residence in prison. We saw many U.S. troops return home from various world locations.

I think many things happened last year that would have been hard to imagine in past years.

So now we move into 2012. Personally, I have high hopes for the coming year. I find myself the happiest I have ever been. My health is good. I have a positive companion who brings joy to each new morning and in fact raises the quality of my life 24 hours a day . I still have a very positive outlook on Panama. We have new plans for 2012 and look forward to fulfilling them.

The blog had 224,755 unique visitors in 2011 and 675,826 visits. The number of hits was 5,135,755. This compares to 142,563 unique visitors, 433,767 visits and 4,959,729 hits for 2010. That is a growth of about 58% in Visitors, 56% in visits, and 4% in hits. These statistics were gathered by Awstats. I think that was a pretty respectable traffic growth.

I never cease to be amazed that what started out as an email to my kids has grown into a blog with a pretty good following. To my readers, I say thank you for the joy that you give to me for my humble hobby. I wish all of you the very best of what can possibly happen in 2012.

I hope you continue reading and remember to live 2012 as stated in the James Dean quote I use as a motto for this blog. “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.”

13 thoughts on “2012 – The Best Is Yet To Come

  1. Don,

    Haven’t met you yet; hope to by 15th of January. Wanted to wish you a happy new year and to thank you for this blog which I go on every day for information, news, and your pleasant banter and motivation.


    Kathy Mellish

  2. The 24th, 25th and the 31st are very different from the USA & from other latin countries. In Cuba, we celebrated the Nochebuena (before Castro) with Roasted Pig, Turkey and Guinea Hens…celebrated in an almost religious & familial way..in USA, there is no Nochebuena, but the 25th is celebrated the same way, dinner at 6 pm, with Ham, Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Sweet Potatoes, Ambrosia Salad and like it was in Cuba, it has an religious flavor. In Panama, both the 24th and the 31st are like a big humongous party…dinner is served after 12 midnight (I starved and was angry at the idea) and the fireworks (more than a 4th of July), never cease…. Xmas Eve is like a celebration of a New Year’s Eve….and the fireworks must be expensive…, the party is all night and day and days…where do the panamanians get all the $??? Unbeliveable….r

  3. Don, Feliz año para ti and your latin family, i hope el proximo año sea better, ….creo que no puede ser worst…and forget 21st december 2012, was a old latin joke.


  4. sorry, sorry, sorry……for all your family Don, in states, india, china, here, or anywhere

    David Again

  5. Happy New Year, Don.
    I wish you continued health and happiness for 2012. You are a ray of sunshine every day and greatly appreciated!

  6. Happy New Year to Lilliam, Natalie and You and all the family in the States and Costa Rica. May the New Year bring continued blessings to you all!
    Lilia and Mama Rosa

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