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He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare,
 And he who has one enemy will meet him everywhere. by Ali ibnAbiTalib A Hundred Sayings 

Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Criminal Activity Report: 1/28/2012

Here is the latest report from Potrerillos.

Crime in Potrerillos remains steady. Another report was received of an unsuccessful attempted burglary of an American home owner’s residence. Additionally there was a theft of another cooking gas tank from a Panamanian residence, plus information about a suspicious death involving a Local National. Also a case involving an American home owner who had their dog poisoned.

New Case;

A report was received in the Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Office advising that a North American resident located in Potrerillos discovered that one of her dogs had been poisoned on the date of 26-Jan-12. The owner indicated that the dog became sick but somehow survived the poisoning. She theorized that the perpetrator(s) must have places the poison on the inside of her fence where the dog came into contact with it. The Dolega Police Department was notified and has agreed to step up their patrols thought the area. No suspect information was provided.

Dog poisonings are common in our area and experience suggests that his type of criminal activity is a precursor to a burglary. If you have pets you are encouraged to monitor them closely at all times while outdoors.

Next New Case; Continue reading Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Criminal Activity Report: 1/28/2012

Volcan Driving Video.

I rreceived the following video which gives a good idea of what it is to drive up to Volcan. Thanks to Bill for sending it.

Here is a short youtube movie of before and after that I happened to capture.  After we safely passed this vehicle I commented to my wife that he wouldn’t make it to Volcan without being involved in an accident.  No police escort and not even proper escort vehicles.

Bill Hill, owner   (dash cams and more)

Extremists think “communication” means agreeing with them. by Leo Rosten

Lessons to Be Learned

I have spent the last three days working on two cases for the U.S. Embassy. Maybe if I document some of the problems involved, it will cause at least one more person to be willing to register with the U.S. Embassy in Panama City, and to set up a personal buddy contact and maybe write a will.

I received a call on Wednesday from the Embassy asking if I could check on a U.S. Citizen that was in the Regional Hospital. The hospital social worker had called the Embassy requesting help because the doctors were saying he was fine and they needed him to leave because the hospital needed the space.

When I saw him he didn’t look well enough to care for himself if he returned to his apartment. I went back yesterday and the doctors again said he was perfectly fine and ready to leave.

I went to meet with the hospital social worker for this case. When I was sitting in the office of the hospital social worker, I called the Embassy so they could talk to her while I was there. She told the Embassy that they needed to release the patient to free up space.

Each time the hospital had wanted him to go, the patient had not wanted to go because he didn’t feel well. The Embassy asked what the hospital’s practice was in cases when the doctors said the patient was fine and the patient felt he needed more care. Continue reading Lessons to Be Learned

Some people lose their health getting wealth and then lose their wealth gaining health. by Author Unknown 

Heads Up If You Live in The Volcan area

This was recently posted in the Volcan Yahoo group:

The road between Cuesta and Volcan will be closed tomorrow, Jan. 27 starting early until it is open. This is due to a over turned truck, trailer and rock crusher, in front of our house. According to the HMFIC, they need to build a access road for a very large crane to enter the area and lift the rock crusher off the trailer and then up-right the tractor trailer…..Plan ahead…Subject to change without notice….

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

I have written several posts about Tom McCormack and the work he is doing in Panama. However, words cant really convey the real story and the impact that his efforts are making on people’s lives. I feel fortunate to have Tom for a friend. I know that those in Panama, that he is helping, truly appreciate his good works.

Here is a photographic record of just some of the recipients of the items that Tom and his foundation have brought from the U.S.

Chiriqui Chatter salutes the McCormack Foundation.