El Periódico Regional de Chiriquí

Last night I attended a party recognizing El Informe De David (El Periódico Regional de Chiriquí). It was held at The David Fair Grounds. Lilliam and I had a great time and really enjoyed meeting the people behind El Informe De David.

If you have not yet seen this new newspaper, it is worth picking up. Especially for all of the Chiriquí Chatter readers that want to practice their Spanish. The publication is in Spanish and designed for Chiricanos. You can even read it without leaving the house by clicking HERE.

It was nice to meet Aruel and his wife Diana, who are the driving force behind El Informe. I thought it was interesting to learn that a couple from Rumania, that have lived in Canada and upon moving to Chiriquí realized the importance of a newspapers for this province and filled the void. In the following photo, Aruel and his wife are on the left and Felix Estrada is on the right.

During the evening all of the staff of El Informe was introduced. It was a fun event. With a small staff, all do multiple tasks. Here is a photo of those that were presented. 

Felix Estrada, who is the editor of El Informe is a recognized professor at UNACHI. He spoke and one of the things he emphasized was that an objective of El Informe was to present the news without all the graphic photos that appear in most of the other newspapers in Panama. Two thumbs up for that.

Here is a photo of the entertainment for the evening. The gentleman on the left is the graphic artist for the newspaper and the gentleman on the right is a journalist.

If you ever are invited to go to a Panama Party, I suggest you go. I will give you a few reasons that will convince you.

The following young lady was sitting at our table. She is a journalist graduate from UNACHI and is working for Radio Chiriquí. She has an exciting event happening next April. She is moving to Tennessee. She was quite excited. Talk about a bad position for a photo. I got her with the palm directly behind her head. Sorry about that Nicole.

This lovely young lady was one of the bartenders. Almost enough to drive a man to drink, or at least take more photos.

Just before Lilliam and I left, these young ladies were posing for another photographer. I asked to take a photo. Is Chiriquí the greatest province in Panama or what?

That is the end of today’s post. This being December 31, I will wish all a safe New Year’s Eve. See you in 2012!

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  1. Don, if you know or find out where the one young lady is traveling to in Tennessee, please let me know. My wife and I would gladly welcome her, especially my wife who is also from David and would enjoy another Chiricana’s presence.

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