Sometimes I Get Lucky

When I purchased my iPad I quickly learned that I needed a way to listen to music or play Angry Birds without bothering everyone else. Often Lilliam is watching something on the TV and I am using the iPad.

Shortly after I bought the iPad I purchased a cheap pair of earbuds. Somewhere around July of this year, they disappeared. I looked everywhere for them to no avail. In December, I saw a pair of Sennheiser earbuds ar PanaFoto. They were around $59.

I thought maybe I could find some on the Internet for a better price and set out to do so. After spending about a day tied to Google, I located some Klipsch Promedia for about $35 on Amazon. After a few hours of thought, I clicked “buy”. It cost me a couple dollars tax in the U.S. and about $13 to get them to Panama bringing my price to $50. Shhhhh! Don’t tell Lilliam.

Today, I was getting ready to recommend them to a friend and looked them up again on the Amazon site. What a surprise. Todays price is $89.99.

These ear buds also have a built in microphone so they can work with Skype on the iPad. The sound is great and they are much better than the cheap ones that disappeared. Sometimes I get lucky.

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