CC Moved to WordPress 3.3

I was more worried about this WordPress update because it was a larger product change than many of the previous updates. I was worried enough to invest in a new Back-Up plugin to back up everything before I made the upgrade.

My old backup program had not received positive comments on 3,3 and I didn’t want to take a chance. In the past I have lost the blog once and had to reload the posts by hand. Now that Chiriqui Chatter has over 6 years of history, that is not possible anymore.

After some research, I settled in on the Backup Buddy Plugin.

This plugin required me to purchase it. Where most WordPress plugins are free this one isn’t. However, after looking at all it does and the simplicity with which it does it, I decided the price was a small price to pay for a little piece of mind. Its retail price is $75 for one year of updates.

I purchased it yesterday, backup up the site this morning and upgraded to WordPress 3.3 after the backup was completed.

I now have a few more publishing capabilities I can use and some may start appearing as I understand the need and find an appropriate use for them.

I did make a couple more changes to the sidebar today. I added a list of current posts and also added the Categories and Archives to the sidebar. Since the Archives and Categories are now drop downs, I saw no reason not to duplicate them in the sidebar as well as the footer.

I have found one thing that is not working in the new theme. For some reason the Google translate no longer translates the comments. In fact, it a post is selected it is no longer translated. Only the front page of the blog. That is a real disappointment. Lilliam pointed that fact out and I hope it is a solvable problem.

Let me know if you find other past features that no longer work or you can’t find something. The current format should now be pretty stable. I am not planning on making any more changes unless problems crop up.

UPDATE Dec 30 @ 13:50: I think I have fixed the translation Problem. I am not sure why it works, but it does. I added the translation widget in the sidebar and in the footer as well. For some reason this forces the translation to continue when you leave the front page and it didn’t before.

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