Ping Pong Classes in Panama

I was going through my spam email and found an email on Ping Pong Classes in Panama.

I had posted about a site in David in the past that had Ping pong. I wonder if it is still in operation. Maybe someone will comment.

Ping Pong was one of my favorite sports when I was young. It is a great sport and more difficult than it appears. I am happy to see that Panama participates.

Here is the information from the email.

Panamá Ping Pong
Clases de Verano
Una forma divertida y cómoda para mantenerte saludable.
Inicia el 10 de enero de 2012
Tel: 392-9354 / 6724-1578 /

To keep up with Panama Ping Pong, they have this WebSite.

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