Caution – Blog Remodeling

WordPress has put out a new release 3.3. It has many new features and I am unable to use them because I am still on WordPress 3.2.1. I have a couple Plugins that quit functioning when I moved to 3.2.1 and I am in the process of looking for a new theme that is compatible with 3.3.

This is a little heads up that some remodeling will probably begin and with all remodeling there can be disruptions. If I am lucky, the changes will not affect most of the blog, but I can’t guarantee that. The look and feel may change.

I try to stay pretty current with system upgrades. Not only do they add features, but they also fix old bugs and close security holes.

If you have any suggestions as to how I can make Chiriqui Chatter more easy to navigate or problems you have run into, drop me a note. I will take suggestions into consideration.

2012 is coming and I might as well put some new paint on this aging blog. I wish that I could give myself some upgrades as well, but will be content with updating the blog.

UPDATE: 5:00 P.M – I think the theme change is now close to complete. It was a little more painful than I expected. I think I am satisfied with the Twenty Eleven Default theme. I had a few snags and things aren’t exactly as I want them, but maybe I can smooth out a few rough edges in the coming days.

Differences –

  • I moved the sidebar back to the right side. It just seemed to look better to me, but it can be on either side.
  • The name of the blog is no longer in the header photo.
  • The “Pages Titles” that appear below the header photo no longer contains a page for Links. For some reason, with the move to the new theme, the Links page was messed up. Important links are now at the bottom of the page on the right side. If I can figure out how to build a Links Page, I will re-install it. Until then, look below the posts for the Links Area.
  • There was no Contact template on this theme, so I added email contact information to the About Page.
  • I did add an Email subscription capability in the sidebar. I have avoided that in the past, because I think RSS is more efficient, but I have had several requests for it, so it is now there.
  • I changed the header photo. It is still in Parque Cervantez, but it now features some traditional Panamanian dress as opposed to the fountain.
  • Obviously the display colors are different. It is now white with a gray background. I played with a Black based background and it can be done if it is preferred. To see what that might look like you can go HERE. Feel free to give me feed back if the darker scheme is better in your opinion.
  • This theme makes reading the blog on a mobile device or an iPad a little easier. It puts the sidebar below all of the current posts. If you use an iPad, do you think it is better?
That is all for the moment. I think I will let this settle in a bit before I do anything else. I am tired and will postpone the upgrade to 3.3 of WordPress for another day.


13 thoughts on “Caution – Blog Remodeling

  1. How about adding a meter under or attached to each post so folks can see how many times a blog entry was viewed. Boquete Ning has something similar and is interesting to see how many viewers read a particular topic.

  2. I like killing bugs and increased security, those should be ongoing efforts for anyone on the web.

    New features are always fun if they are adding useful navigation or expanding the availability of content. If new features add to the ease of producing the blog, those are good as well. The content here is why we have been reading for years.

    Keep doing what you have been doing, Don Ray, that’s why we keep reading.

    As for personal upgrades, buy yourself a matching pair of shoes and you are good to go! HAHA

    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  3. J&N – I am not sure that any changes made will improve anything, but I guess I just need a change. I am not as bad as Lilliam as she would like to redo the Living room layout every couple of months.

    Actually, I have liked the current theme better than previous and would not change if a couple things had not broken.

    We will see, but I feel a small change coming. I think I will work on the theme before I more on to the 3.3 upgrade.

  4. Hi Don,

    I really like the changes, I had a look at the black background and it has my vote if it counts, a bit easier on the over 55 eyes.

    Thanks, love your work.



  5. I’m with Dave, the white background is easier reading for me, too. I liked having the recent comments list nearer to the top in the sidebar. That’s my 2 cents.
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  6. J&N. I think Dave voted for the Black. I will move the comments. I have reduced the number of comments to 5. It was 10. I am not sure which is better.

  7. Susan, the blog now contains a footer that is below the posts. It has three columns. The left has recent posts, Archives, and Categories. The center column has a calendar of the posts and if the cursor is positioned over a date, it will show the titles for that date. The third column has Links to other sires.

  8. OK thanks Don Ray…….I should have looked around more – I like this new site but just used to the other – but I will get used to this one – many thanks for all that you publish – interesting reads and helpful info

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