Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Report: 12/26/2011

Potrerillos was anything but quiet this Holiday season as several attempted Burglaries occurred throughout the Township including suspicious activities and a case of animal cruelty.

New Case:

On Wednesday 21 December 2011 a long time Panamanian resident returned from a day of shopping for Christmas Gifts for her family only to discover that her home was damaged in what was determined to be an attempted burglary.  Information provided indicates that the perpetrators were unsuccessful in gaining access to the residence however they did unfortunately poisoned the family dog in perpetration of the crime.   Additional facts gathered reviled that the victim opted not to report this incident to the Local Authorities so no follow-up Police investigation occurred.

A crime not reported is a crime that never happened.

Next New Case:

On the Approximate date of 11 December 2011 a suspicious vehicle occupied by 3 unknown individuals entered a residential construction site of a North American’s  located in Potrerillos and attempted to intimidate a worker who was performing some construction work on the property at the time.  The worker a local man of Panamanian origin described how he was approached by the suspects demanded the keys to several locked shipping containers located on the property.  The lone worker with quick thinking bluffed his way out of the robbers menacing attempts to burglarize the secured containers by deceiving the thieves when he advised them that he did not possess the keys.

Additional information provided indicates that the perpetrators became frustrated and decided to make a quick getaway leaving the worker shaken but unharmed.   The suspect vehicle was described as a red 4-door pickup truck.   No specific details were provided relating to the suspect’s identities other that they were Panamanian Nationals.    It is believed that this incident was not reported to the Local Authorities.

A crime not reported is a crime that never occurred!!

Next Case: (Reoccurring)  

Information provided to the Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Office indicates that an unknown Panamanian man believed to be in his early twenties has been stocking a well known and well respected business owner who happens to be female and is also North American.

This latest incident occurred in the small Township of Las Acequia south of Potrerillos Abajo when the victim spotted the suspect on multiple occasions closely monitoring her every movement while hiding out behind a retaining wall of a concrete bus stop located across the street for the victim’s home.   He is describes as medium build Panamanian male with medium dark completion wearing a red base ball cap and is only been seen in the area during his suspicious conduct.

If anyone has knowledge of this suspects Identity you are encouraged to pass the information along to the National Police and the Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Group.

The Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Group has a $500 reward posted for information that leads to the apprehension and prosecution of any criminals involved in crimes perpetrated against members of the Expatriate Community in Potrerillos.

The following message was received from a well respected member of our ex-pat community with a request for public dissemination:

“ Hello, (name deleted)

This weekend was the final straw for us.  As you know, we rent a small organic farm across from El Unico.  I am familiar with the noise laws in Panama and these inconsiderate people play their music way above what the law allows.  Our windows literally rattle from the base.  I also know they are suppose to close at a certain time which is not 4:00am.  I know the police will not enforce the noise laws, but the least they could do is shut them down at the proper time and then arrest all the drunks as they drive home.

In the last three days (name deleted) and I have only gotten about 5 hours sleep and have not been able to accomplish anything that requires thought or concentration.    If you would be so kind as to pass this on I would appreciate it, but just say it is from a resident that wishes to remain anonymous.

We will be looking for a new home to rent or care take somewhere quiet.  If you happen to run across someone who wants to rent our place, who doesn’t mind a little noise occasionally, I would make them a great deal on all my animals and plants, etc.

Please let us know if you can help.
(name deleted)

PS.  Thanks for all your hard work with neighborhood watch.”

The activities in and around the Bar Unico located in Potrerillos Abajo without a doubt contributes to the delinquency of the locals who frequent this establishment in addition to providing a platform for drunk drivers to menus out roads.  There has been numerous vehicular accidence around this bar.   It is recommended that you avoid this area at all times!

Some Good News:

The Dolega Police and Fire Station will soon have a new piece of communication equipment that allows members of the public to call into the stations utilizing a cell phone and this new system can retrieve unspecified data that can allow officers to return a call to that callers cell phone instead of relying on a traditional land line.  The new system is suppose to be capable of identifying particulate cell phone towers utilized during the call allowing officers/responders the ability to triangulate the location of the caller in an emergency.  The system has not been fully implemented but it is expected to be competed in the coming months, this according Public Safety Administrators in Dolega.

Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Facilitator

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