Container #8 Unload

This morning Container #8 was unloaded. I was a few minutes late and work was all ready in progress.

The following photo shows a large number of motorized hospital beds being unloaded.

As I said, I was a little late the gym already contained some items.

The blue tanks in the following photo are water filters. Each one sells for $150. I didn’t get a count, but I am sure I saw at least 10 of them.

There were several heavy duty hospital chairs.

There were a large number of bicycles.

This one was a girl’s bicycle. These are rare in Panama.

Here are a couple heavy duty motorized chairs.

There were many packed boxes containing clothes, medical supplies and other items. Tom said he and his wife packed each and every box.

Finally the container was empty.

Now lets take a look and see how the gym has changed.The following photos show only some of what was unloaded. There were some items placed in other rooms and I didn’t take photos of those rooms.
The following photos will show you that the entire gymnasium floor had been filled.

Here are some of the motorized beds.

Tom brought in some sewing machines and had also done so in the previous container. He visits each house where the machines will go to insure that they will be used for worthwhile purposes.

Here are a large number of walkers, crutches and potty chairs.

Here are wheel chairs, both motorized and manual.

Here are the bicycles. Those in good condition will be used as is and some will be used for parts to construct the three wheeled units you see around David being used by handicapped Panamanians.

Here is a photo of those that did the unloading. Many of the Panamanians have learned that if they help with the unloading, they and their families needs go to the top of the list. Those that watch and then tell Tom what they need go to the bottom of the list.

The Red Cross had a couple individuals helping today. I had taken a photo of the following young lady while the unloading was going on. Immediately to her left in the previous photo was another Red Cross volunteer.

That concludes the post on Container #8. If Tom moves like he normally does, this will all have been placed within 2 to 3 weeks.

Tom has a helper named Ruby that records the name of everyone that receives something. She never forgets a thing. Tom said a woman came this morning wanting a bed. Ruby said she had received one last year. There are plenty of people in need, but there are also that will try to beat the system and get something they can profit from. That doesn’t happen with Ruby on the job.

Container # 9 will be next year.

6 thoughts on “Container #8 Unload

  1. A great experience, thankyou all for the oportunity given me to help. Lets do it again!!!

    happy hollidays to all!!!!


  2. I was glad that I was given the opportunity to help un-load this container.
    I know it is for a good cause and there are plenty of needy people that
    will benefit from the donations given.

    I look forward in helping with unloading future containers.

    Tom has done it again, this is number 8 and to really know
    what it is all about , one needs to be there and see what goes
    on to really appreciate it.

  3. Hi Mr. Don & Tom,
    Great job! Thank you for helping my people. The pictures are great. Stella & I were able to see Thomas Diaz in the picture, who is my husband. We have almost 3 months of not seeing him. My daughter and I are still in Miami. He goes and he comes from Panama until we all move to Chiriqui.

    Mirna & Stella

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