Is It A Scissor Tail?

This morning, while eating breakfast, I saw a bird I had never seen in Panama. When I lived on a farm in Oklahoma, I would occasionally see a bird with a long tail it was called a Scissor Tail Flycatcher.  I think this has to be the bird i saw this morning.

I ran for my camera and took several photos, but many didn’t produce the results I wanted. The bird was a long way off and I could not get the right depth of field. Here are a couple photos i did get.



8 thoughts on “Is It A Scissor Tail?

  1. In March 2010, while staying at Cielito Sur B&B in Chirique providence my wife and I visited the site of the petroglyphs where we observed scissor tailed flycatchers in fields adjacent to the site.

  2. If you turn off the PanAm towards Las Olas, there is a town called Tijeras. It was named after these birds, which used to be found in abundance there. Scissors is tijeras in spanish.

  3. we see lots of them out kayaking! Next time your slathered up and ready to go give us a shout.

  4. I live in Tijeras and there are still lots of these in the countryside nearby, it is common to see 50 or more in the same field

  5. I sent those pics to a friend in Bostobn, who is a bird watcher, here is his response….
    “Hmm, it does look like a scissor tail flycatcher, but the tail feathers appear to be too wide. Sorry, I don’t know Central American birds well enough to give a good answer.”, I bet Jack is correct….

  6. I am sure that is what it is, If you look at the wikipidia reference in the post, it says they migrate to Panama this time of year.

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