Tomorrow Will Be An Important Day

I understand that beginning on November 30 you are supposed to be able to change your cell phone provider and keep your existing cell number. Many people stay with the same company simply because it is such a hassle to go through the change process.

I am anxious to see how well this will be accomplished in Panama. The concept is good and it should help competition, but if the implementation is flawed then there will only be more disgruntled consumers.

I think I will hold off for a while, but I have been considering a change for some time.

One thought on “Tomorrow Will Be An Important Day

  1. We are among those who have stayed with our provider (on contract) just to maintain the number. It would be interesting to know if we would now be able to cancel the contract and switch the number to a ‘plan’ or pay as you go with the same provider. We tried this earlier this year and it was not possible. Look forward to hearing what transpires.

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