Problems with Magic Jack Service

One of the tools I use a lot in Panama to talk to family, friends, and businesses, in the U.S., is Magic Jack. It is a slick little device that connects to the USB port on your PC and allows you to talk VOIP using a real telephone.

All calls to the U.S. and Canada are covered by their annual fee of $20. We also use it to call Costa Rica and it is cheaper than buying phone cards. When Natalie was in China, we called her for just 2 cents a minute. To call other than the U.S. and Canada just required buying time using a credit card.

I have used it for several years with no real problem until about three weeks ago. I had called Lilliam in Costa Rica and used all of my purchased time. I tried to purchase more time, which had always been simple, only to find that my credit card was not being accepted.

Contacting Magic Jack about problems took some time. Finally I was able to talk to a “Live Person” in a chat session. Everything was cordial but nothing was resolved. The attendant submitted my case for review.

Most companies will send you email conformations related to problem calls. Not Magic Jack. Over the last three weeks, I have contacted them several times. Each time I am told my problem is under review. Now I understand that problems such as this can take a couple days to resolve, but several weeks is too much. I still have receive no email about the problem.

You cannot talk to a real person on the phone to discuss your problem, You can only chat on the Internet. Since the problem has gone on this long, I thought it might be worth posting. Luckily, now that Natalie is no longer in China and Lilliam has returned from Costa Rica, all calls are to the U.S. and Canada. Those still work fine, but if my current contract expires, purchasing a renewal wont work as it used the same mechanism as buying International time.

57 thoughts on “Problems with Magic Jack Service

  1. Anyone know the real issue with MJ? Why they refuse to renew the service? Why they never tell the reason to refuse?

  2. I ave been under review for 2 years and no response from MJ and no resolution. Every year I have to purchase a new MJ just to get another years service.
    They (MJ) are an absolute FAILURE

  3. Magic Jack is stopping service for many people…I hear because they have an sister company called Ymax that makes the money by receiving calls (termination) If you don’t recieve enough calls they take any opportunity to shut you down.

  4. I am out of service since Jan 10th, 2014. I made frequent attempts in renewing online and it did not work. I spent hours online with useless support and got no where. All they say, that my account is under review. So basically, my service is shutdown.

  5. My account has been under review for over 2 months. I chat with them every other day and they are very cordial but nothing is ever done. Magicjack is a despicable company.

  6. I tried to renew my phone # ($10.73 fee) multiple times, to no avail. Also contacted chat, each time they told me my account is “under review”. It’s been 6 months, still can’t pay online. Can’t believe I’m begging them to take my money so I don’t have to listen to their annoying reminder every time I use MJ. How are they making money. Anyway, I’ll just save my gold and endure their reminders.

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