Panama Independence from Spain

November 28 will be your last opportunity to see a parade for a while. Around 1 A.M. this morning, I was awakened to a Diana serenade a block away. The serenades are a part of the Independence from Spain celebration.

HERE is a post I did in 2006 that includes a couple videos to give you an idea what I heard early this morning.

My neighbor, Alison, has been marching in all of the parades this year. I took her photo before her first parade. She is a lovely young lady!

In the high heel shoes, they wear in the parades, she is as tall as I am. Can you imagine walking several miles in these?

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  1. There was a big party/parade in Volcan all weekend. Monday was the schools parade that was great. Lots of games,rides,music and fun to be had. Lots of people not at work today as they went to the concert last night -Sandra Sandival.

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