Knock, Knock – Cable Onda – Anyone working on the problem?

The Internet is running very slow. The phone was not working, but appears to be back now. Many channels are not operating this morning and over the last few weeks there have been several of these outages.

I wonder if Cable Onda knows that C&W is stringing cable in the area. I am not above switching if this situation continues and gets worse and not better.

3 thoughts on “Knock, Knock – Cable Onda – Anyone working on the problem?

  1. We had Comcast here in Sarasota, Florida since 1997 and switched to Verizon FIOS (fiber optic) after being “over” all the “is your internet out” questions Kris and I asked each other on daily basis. Our FIOS is fabulous, great speed and no outages. Am interested to see how
    the fiber optic works for folks in David.

  2. Up here in Cerra Punta we use cable and wireless for phone/internet and has been not to bad most of the time. TV, sky is the only choise for english/spanish chanels for us. Probley will not see fiber optic up here in my life time.

  3. I have both C&W and Cable Onda. Cable Onda’s internet service has been abysmal for a long time. In Boquete it’s being blamed on the new highway construction. I’ve dropped the Cable Onda service twice, but circumstances require I have internet at all times and I now keep it just as a back up for the infrequent times when Cable & Wireless has problems. All in all, I find C & W a reasonable internet service provider with speed and signal consistency far superior to Cable Onda. Over the last 3-4 months the cable TV signal has deteriorated as well, with frequent pixelation and stoppage. It’s frustrating Cable Onda continues to flourish as a business while providing deplorable service. IMHO.

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