Casa Gala’s New Store

In September I reported that Casa Gala was opening a new store in the old Rodelag location.

Yesterday, Lilliam wanted to have a look at the new store, so I took some photos. I also talked to one of the salesmen and learned that I was wrong about there being four Casa Gala stores in David. The lease on the location of the Original Casa Gala is up in December and it will close, leaving the three new stores. The one we visited yesterday is the newest and the largest.

This Casa Gala is nicely laid out. The second floor, shown in the following two photos, has furniture. One item I noticed was a Simmons Beautyrest kingsize pillow-top mattress for $539. I thought that was a good price and wish it had been available when we bought our last kingsize mattress.

The following photo is looking down on the first level of the store.

There is an area in the back with the large appliances.

This store has clothing too. Lilliam found something to buy. She always has to Christen each new store to bring it luck. 😉

There is a good sized area with stereo’s, PCs and TVs.

Since living in Panama, I have learned that you never shop in just one store. To get the best deal you have to check them all out, see what specials are on and maybe get some quotations to negotiate with.

This new Casa Gala is a nice store and one you need to put on your list. If you stop into Casa Gala, tell them you heard of them on Chiriquí Chatter.

10 thoughts on “Casa Gala’s New Store

  1. Don:

    Your last paragraph is totally true.
    I, sorry, my wife never shop in only one and the first store she found. She check all the offers and specials, ask for pricing and negotiate price. This weekend she found an insert of La Prensa newspaper from NOVEY and suddenly I found myself at the closest Novey store and zaappp! I was filling my car with a new gas grill barbecue, door mats, terrace dining set (they will deliver this to my house), a pressure washer machine, a paint sprayer machine, and other stuff I cant remember. My heart was pounding heavily when I was at the cash paying and it was not more than $600 for all those products, so I felt better and life came back to my body.

  2. For those of us who aren’t aware of the location of the “old Rodelag” can you clarify Casa Gala’s location? The store in Plaza Terronal is just a little too small for my needs. This one looks like a good reason to head into David ASAP!

  3. If you are on Olbaldia in front of Super Baru and pass Romero’s on the right and the new Rodelag on the left, a little further down on the left will be the New Casa Gala to the right of Ely’s bakery.

  4. FWIW & FYI,

    Went to the new Panafoto near the Arrocha. Nice place. Well laid out with friendly employees who do not dog you the minute you walk in.. and yet are helpful at the same time. In addition, they will negotiate with you on both opened floor display model stuff as well is ‘in the box’ merchandise ie: brand new, unopened stock.

    Panafoto (now get this) also has a WAREHOUSE out behind their new store where they actually have stuff IN STOCK for delivery!! How many times have you had to wait around for product to be shipped from Panama City or buy the ‘last unit’ off the floor? I know I have.

    Got a great deal on a washing machine made in the U.S. I speak for no one but myself and I will definitely shop there again. I have no affiliation whatsoever with Panafoto..just thought readers will enjoy shopping there.


  5. I thought they had engineered (moisture resistant) wood flooring. I can’t find it on their website. Do you know where I can get it in Panama? My stereo sounds much better than when it’s placed on ceramic tile or carpet.

  6. Im happy to see that I am not the only person who takes photos of retail stores interior sights in Panama. This may be a quirk.hahha I personally appreciate the mannequins with fun hair.

  7. buenas noches o dias mu bonito sus departamentos, me gustaria si me pueden informar cual es el tamaño de los colchones para una cuna y el tamaño de una tres cuarto, estoy confeccionando una cama cuan y necesito saber el tamaño de los colchones

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