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El Informe de David

Hello Don,

I would like to let you know (and maybe you can share this with your blog
readers) that we have a new newspaper in Chiriqui. It’s called El Informe
de David, it’s free and it’s distributed every Saturday on the streets and
more than 100 stores, hotels and restaurants in David and Boquete (more
locations will be added soon).

The newspaper is only in Spanish but we also cover issues of the expats
community living in Chriqui (the next issue will have a large article
about Tom McCormack and his foundation).

Our website is: http://www.elinformedavid.com and our office is located in
Calle Cuarta back to Best Western Hotel. Our phone number is 730-7990

Thank you and have a great day!


I’m desperately seeking a kind, caring person to adopt my two cherished, beautiful 4-legged “babies”. One is a (female) Pomeranian…The other is a (male) red mini-poodle….(not the usual apricot color, but red). Unfortunately, I’m being forced to return Stateside permanently, due to some unexpected health conditions that require rather immediate attention.

 My question is this: Is there someone in Boquete, Volcan, Cerro Punta, who has a heart large enough to adopt two little senior dogs…(one with definite “special needs”) ??? Also, this “special someone” absolutely must be willing to provide them with a loving, permanent, stable home ??? I amdefinitely NOT looking for a temporary, foster situation. Please take the time to look at the attached photos…YOU will know if you are that “special person” I am seeking !

 Now, a bit more information, about “Mariah” and “Frisco”, (photos attached.) Both are “senior dogs”…13 and 14 years old. Mariah, (the female), is a total sweetheart… Everyone loves HER ! She is extremely loving, gentle and super-affectionate… Mariah gets along well with children, dogs, cats, and other small animals. As has had several litters of award-winning puppies, in her life-time… She has very strong “nurturing/mothering instincts”. (She is now spayed, of course.) Her delicate personality, alone, is outstanding…”To know her is to love her”, as the song says !

 Now, onto poor little “Frisco”… His has a far different story ! Frisco was purchased from a top breeding kennel, in San Francisco, for several thousand dollars…. (His “blood-lines” are impeccable !) His (original) owners had planned to use him for breeding… an idea that just never worked, as they had hoped. He became too large, (12 lbs.), to qualify as a miniature poodle, (by AKC standards). In addition, most of the beautiful puppies he produced were simply too big for the show-ring. His owners made the decision to stop breeding him, had him neutered, and they began to search for a loving “pet home”. However, Frisco had a rather nervous temperament… and is quite fearful of strangers. He adores other female dogs, BUT, in general, he is wary of most people. Frisco is extremely timid & fearful… yet, tame, passive, gentle, and well-trained. His bond with Mariah is extreme… Therefore, these two sweethearts MUST be placed together !!!


Virginia Carney

Please Contact: Tel. # 6949-3363 or email: LJLove47@aol.com