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Don: If you can see your way to posting about this sometime in next few days, we would sincerely appreciate it. Ticket sales could use your help!

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As your Blogmaster, it is my responsibility to report all things relevant and exciting. The BCP Production of “Enchanted April” falls under the “exciting” category! I was at one of the rehearsals last night and I’ve got something to share with you:

Top 5 Reasons to See Enchanted April

5: This is the most technically sophisticated production I’ve ever seen at BCP

4: This is the debut of Isabell McAren’s acting career. She’s got the lead role (Lotty Wilton) and she’s “a natural”. No one can believe she’s never acted before and we think you should come just to see this performance!

3. Costume changes are rampant — two actresses have eleven costume changes each! You’ve got to be at the show just to see if they make all 11 changes AND hit their marks!

2. Thursday’s Opening Night will be wonderfully exciting and Sunday’s Matinee means “Yay, dinner afterwards and I’m home before dark!”

And the Number 1 reason to see Enchanted April starting this Thursday is:

wait for it……

It’s directed by Dana Applegate — need we say more?????

Tickets are still available at Mailboxes Etc. Go and get them today! In addition, you can contact Shirley Maffitt by phone, reserve your tickets and pay for them at the door. I really don’t think we can make it any easier than that, right? Shirley’s phone number is: 6728-1414…call her now, she’d love to hear from you! For more information about this production and to view the cast, click here.

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  1. Have been to see Enchanted April in NYC, 2003 with Molly Ringwald. One of my favorites and a great production. Please do go to BCP to see theirs if you have the chance!!!

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