Help A Student And Have Some Fun – Plus Voice Your Opinion About Panama Banking

I have had several students contact me in the past with school projects. The most recent wrote me about her Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá project. Ana is working on a major in Bilingual Executive Communication. Her final project is called, “The Communication and the Customer Service in English Language in the local banking”.

I told her I would be happy to post her request for people to interview and a survey she wants taken. Her email follows which contains her contact information.

Hello Don

Thanks for your help,

Attached you can find the document with the banks evaluation table and the survey I did for this research. The first two pages are the ones I would like to be posted on your web site.

As you could see, the questions of the interview I wrote are essay questions ; therefore, I think it would be better to make personal interviews.

The post would be this way:

I am looking for volunteers that are willing to answer some questions about “the communication and the customer attention in English in the local banks”. This is a research for my capstone project, from Universidad Tecnológica de Panama. Any given information will be strictly confidential. I can be contacted at

my best regards,

Ana Lucia Soto Rivas

I will put the survey on my server and you can download it, fill it in and email it back to her. The second part is a one-on-one interview and you will have to schedule that with her. The one-on-one interview will allow you more freedom in introducing a topic that might not be on her list of questions.

This is an excellent way to do something worthwhile for a student as well as voice your feelings about banking in Panama.

As you can see from her email, you will not have any problem communicating with her in English.

Click HERE to download the survey.

I will warn you that this document is 2.7 megabytes in size. I have no idea why it is so large, but it is a formatted document with a school emblem. If that is too much for you to download easily, I suggest you contact Ana and have her bring a copy for you to fill out with the one-on-one interview. The survey will not take you long to fill out.

Again, I encourage you to take the time to assist this student. I always enjoy getting to help students and I find I learn a lot.

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