Tom McCormack’s Version of LEGos

This morning I received the following email from Tom McCormack. One more Panamanian walking because of this year’s Container 7. Support Tom’s Foundation.

Hi Don,

Another success story! After 5 hours of switching parts and modifying the socket.



All photos copyrighted by Tom McCormack.

1 thought on “Tom McCormack’s Version of LEGos

  1. My work here is not just “me”,It’s the hundreds of people working together collecting and loading the donated items in the U.S.All readers of CHIRIQUI CHATTER can participate in this work by searching for prosthetic legs ,arms and breasts.If you live here,let your family know how they can help.Send donations to my other home :
    McCormack Foundation
    115 Reesman Dr.
    Container #8 will be loaded Nov 17,to arrive here the first week of Dec.

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