Shih Tzus For Sale

I received a request to post the following:

Hello Don Ray:

Thank you so much for posting my ad. I include photos of the 4 females.

This is my ad:

FOR SALE: 4 beautiful females shih tzus Purebred but without registration.
They were born on October 13 and will be ready for their new homes next 25 Nov.
The puppies are in Panama but I can take them to Chiriqui
Price: $800.00
Breeder: Celina Villaverde
Phone: 6678-5121

Once again,
Thank you very much

More Photos follow:

2 thoughts on “Shih Tzus For Sale

  1. I´ll be in Chiriquí next Saturday 26th to bring their puppy to Kathy and Tilden from Dolega. I still have 2 beautiful females.
    Last price: $700.00

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