Pizza Pit at the Chiriquí Mall

I have been hearing that a new Philly’s Cheesesteak place had opened up and today I tried it. I didn’t take my camera for reasons I have previously talked about.

I met Ricardo and Patricia who are the young Panamanian family that own and operate the restaurant. Ricardo has sub and pizza experience from Florida. There was pizza ready to be sold by the slice for $1.60. It was thin crust and looked good. It will be on my taste trial another day.

Since I was so disappointed in the last Philly’s Cheesesteak that I had in Boquete, I was anxious to try that. This time I was not disappointed. It was stuffed with meat, had grilled onions and a the kind of cheese I like. In a word, it was PERFECT.

The Pizza Pit is still coming up to speed. Air-conditioning is on order and scheduled for delivery, the new mandated cash register was there and they were being trained, and some of the menu is not currently available.

Ricardo is currently the cook and he is looking for another cook that he can train to do things the way he wants them done. Good idea. The cheese steak is great and I would hate for a new cook to ruin a good thing. I don’t think Ricardo will allow that to happen.

I enjoyed talking to Ricardo and Patricia. Both speak English, so the Spanish challenged should have no fear of language deficiency.

The Pizza Pit is located in the food court in the Chiriquí Mall. It is on the end of the court just across from the Super Baru super market. If you drop in tell Ricardo and Patricia that you heard about them on Chiriquí Chatter. Oh, and don’t forget to try the Philly’s Cheesesteak. It is oh soooo goood!.

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  1. Don Ray, this is great. NOW, when you get the new computer all set up, you MUST return to photo the cheese steak. What a perfect excuse for another meal. Very tricky.

    I do think that since you haven’t been posting food photos that we may have lost a couple of pounds? Hmmm…
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  2. Philadelphia is my home town – I was raised on cheese steaks – will need to try this out and see – thanks for the tip – now if they only had Tastykakes (another Philly tradition) to go along with the cheese steaks

  3. Hi Don et al.,

    I’m curious about the “new mandated cash register” you mention. I saw a note about this elsewhere, and would like to know more. Is the government of Panama requiring all businesses to use a specific cash register in order to collect more taxes, or what?

    Thanks for all your interesting and useful information, Ciao, Linda

  4. Hi Linda. The cash registers are specially approved Government cash registers. It is to collect the accurate tax and not more tax. Before this, there was less control and accuracy was not guaranteed.

    These cash registers are installed by government approved individuals and regularly maintained to insure that no fraud is being had.

  5. I took your suggestion and tried the Pizza Pit version of the Phili cheese steak. It was Fantastic very impressed. The staff was pleasant and quick to serve. I highly recommend going there you won’t be disappointed



  6. The first time we were there it was great. Exactly what everyone had described. We went back on a second time and it was so salty that we couldn’t finish it. Hopefully, that was an isolated incident because we enjoy Philly cheesesteak sandwiches.

  7. Hello
    Ron and everybody
    We would like to thanks everybody that had come to Pizza Pit Mall and gave us the opportunity to server our product and share all those good comments, we are very glad and honor to bring to Chiriquí a taste of flavor from the States, also we would like to give our apologies to Greg for the salty sub that he had the other day and at the same time thank him for let us know about our service and product; we appreciate all the feedbacks comments; we really love to hear what is going on with everyone so we can give a good services everytime. We are being more carefull with the amount of salt, thank you Greg.

    Thanks again
    Hope to see everybody soon,
    Ricardo & Patty
    Pizza Pit Mall

  8. Hello


    Thank you for coming back and try our sub, please accept our apologies, we took action right away and were more careful with the amount of salt.
    Also, we would like to appreciate your comment so we can work in improving our product and services,
    Ricardo & Patty
    Pizza Pitt Mall

  9. we have been to the pit many times, each time the cheese steak has been good, except now the meat is no longer trimmed the bread is no longer crispy, go back again No!! I do not understand how this can happen? EYE off the ball?

  10. Hello,
    the management served it! this is why food places close in such a short time here. It seem to be start great, then no one cares, gringos! they will eat it, well no way, we left it and will not return.

  11. First time posting here. Like Susan I grew up in the Tri-State area (Delaware to be specific) and went to undergraduate in centre-city (Drexel). While nothing can really compare to Geno’s, Abner’s or Pat’s and alas, no wiz to make it a true Philly Cheesesteak but the Pizza Pit’s Philly Cheesesteak is not too shabby…now about getting those Tastykakes. 🙂

  12. We love the Philly Cheese steak sandwich at the mall. The pizza’s good too and the staff are super friendly.

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