Do You Remember?

As a kid with a Black and White television that could only receive two channels, this was one of my favorite shows. Cecil the seasick sea serpent – how could I ever forget? Another was “It’s Howdey Doodey Time”.

9 thoughts on “Do You Remember?

  1. “Howdy-Doody” also was the career starting point for Bob Keeshan who was Clarabelle the clown. He went on to become Captain Kangaroo. There was so much double entendre on that show! But also great Dixieland music. Does any one remember who played Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring?

  2. I hate to appear curmudgeonly, but I hate to see so much space given over to trivia out of the past; and I certainly hope it’s not going to serve to replace Don Ray’s informative, entertaining posts. Let’s live for the future, folks, and not wallow in the past. Don’t forget that many of us don’t have that much future left.

  3. C’mon , me Bonnie lassie , a wee bit o’ the past can put things in perspective, don’t cha think:)

    I remember Kukla, Fran and Ollie from the early fifties on one of the 2 channels available in Houlton, Maine, and then going to Guam in 1955 and seeing all the stateside shows on one channel three months late! So if I come to Panama and don’t see all my fav shows I guess it won’t really be that bad. Maybe I’ll get out and do more things with real people like I did as a kid-WOW-what a concept (thanks, Ryan for the constant nudge).

    Gotta agree with you, Bonnie, “There ain’t no future in the past”. Let the good times roll…

    Joel and Kris

  4. Actually Bonnie, I started this series as an alternative to the One-Liners that I used to separate the daily posts. However, with the new PC not being here and it not being as easy to do posts with photos, things have slowed down.

    Also I had a business transaction that I was in the midst of that went south and I am having a hard time getting in a positive mood to do any real posting.

  5. I understand. We all have those times, and they’re no fun. You have my sympathy and my empathy. Take the time you need. I look forward to your full recovery and the resumption of your wonderful posts and photos.

  6. Curmudgeon is a word I’ve used more here in Panama then I ever did ‘up north’. And I’m sorry Bonnie, but if the shoe fits… In a world where smiles seem to be thin on the ground at times, a happy blast from the past picks my day up immensely. Just be happy that you’re healthy enough to know the difference between a walk down memory lane and living in the past.

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