Do You Remember?

I received an email with a large number of memory joggers. There were 42 photos and out of the 42, I remembered 41. How many do you remember?

I will post them one per day. I am curious as to how international these things were.

Here is the first.

I definitely remember Green Stamps. My mom would get some stamps with all purchases at participating stores. She would paste them in her books and she always had a goal in mind for her stamps.

8 thoughts on “Do You Remember?

  1. I remember every green stamp, I remember gas at .$.29/gal, Car purchase at $3000 and so much that will blow the minds of people. How in the hell did the cost of living get so much out of control? GOVERNMENT. They are not included in what we have to pay for living expenses, insurances, and all the rest, because we are paying for it and taking care of them…..They have to be on the same level of cost as we have to pay…..I would just like to be able to pay our bills every month and have a little left over — funds not available. Whether Democrat or Republican, this has to be taken care of but we will not live to see any change.

  2. yup, 1969-1070 , a new Volvo 140 cost $1800, new M-B 250 SL at $7,500, saved those green stamps ,used some of those to buy a toaster for our new house we bought in the spring of 1970 , for $13,400 (in West University ,Houston!)and they told us to hurry as the interest rates were low ,and would NEVER be this low again…they were 9 5/8 !

  3. The least I spent for gas was during a price war in Miami in 1964. It was 19.9 cents a gallon. Of course I was only making $1.25/hr at the time, too.

  4. Hi Don: I remember green stamps, they were offered at the supermarket in Colon City where I was born and I was in charge of pasting them to the book. Of course, I was always eyeing the dolls and toys and Mom the small kitchen appliances. What memories!! 🙂

  5. We had a S&H stamp redemption store in Pacific Grove, CA. My mom tasked us with counting how many stamps we’d accumulated, and when we had several books ready, we’d cruise the store to see what could “buy” with our stamps. ‘Twas a big thing when you’re eight or nine years old…

  6. Yea, if the government gave green stamps based on the taxes we pay, then we would all be rich. The Democrats do appear to be the worse for buying their constituencies (buying large voting groups with tax payers’ money). The Greeks seem to have gotten caught up with all political parties buying constituencies with government jobs. So far, the Republicans haven’t bought the extreme right wing with money just with attempts at legislation. The Democrats have shown that you get greater loyalty just buying voters with money. Once they get enough people to accept their payments for votes they can control elections for ever and then you kiss the country good bye. Just look at some of the worse countries for this around the world – their are a lot of them in Europe for sure but then you have the extreme basket case in the Americas with Argentina – checked their inflation rate lately? – watched how their wealth is flying away from investing there? It can happen anywhere once the equation changes to where you have a majority of voters willing to sell their votes.

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