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OTEIMA PLANET Spanish School

I received the following from Giovy Rojas. I first met Giovy when she had R&R Book Store in Boquete.

Giovy is now in charge of a new Spanish program in OTEIMA. Her information follows. PLEASE NOTE THE UPDATE FOLLOWING HER ORIGINAL INFORMATION.


I am Giovy, let me introduce the new and first Spanish School in David, Chiriquí: OTEIMA PLANET Spanish School; we are part of Universidad Teconlógica Oteima in David.  And we are opening our classrooms to teach Spanish as a second language.
In the next future we will start receiving students from all over the world and we can not start our school without including our ExPat  We designed an Introductory offer just for our ExPat Residents in PANAMA.  Please read all the details below and attached will find 2 ad’s regarding this phenomenal offer.

Introductory offer details:

First group start on Nov 21st, 2011 and this offer is only valid until Dec 19, 2011

Starts dates: Nov 21 & 29, Dec 5, 12 & 19 (60 hours – 10 week course)

Group classes will be on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays

Two hours each day; as of now we have 2 schedule availables: 10am – 12m and 2pm – 4pm

All the student must have an oral and written placement test, it will be done as soon as the classes are booked.

Group should start with no less than 6 students with the same Spanish level.


Restrictions apply:

Prove that you are a Panama resident: bring your pensionado card or an utilit bill.  If you have any doubt, just contact us.

60 hours must be completed by Feb 25th, 2012

Pay full your course in advance, at least 3 days prior the start date.

No reselling or transfer allowed.

No refund, but we can handle a credit, under your name, for the amount paid (other restrictions may apply).

Prices for Residents ONLY (with 50% include): Continue reading OTEIMA PLANET Spanish School

Still Transitioning to Apple

I know that there have been fewer posts than has been my norm and I have had a few people write and ask if I am sick or if there is a problem. I even had a good friend call and ask if I was all right.

I really appreciate the interest and concern. Everything is fine. This technology transition is slowing things down some. My small MacMini requires a direct cable connection with my camera to receive the photos. I really prefer to use the SD card and there is no SD slot on the Mini. The PC that is coming has a SD slot and that will solve that problem.

Next, even when I have photos, such as the ones Tom McCormack sent me, processing them with GIMP is slow. GIMP requires more memory than I have on the Mini and I am postponing adding memory. I may even want to get some new photo and video software and if I do, that will be on the new PC.

I did get a new external backup drive and now have all files backed up with Time Machine. I hope this makes moving to the new iMac a little easier. I am impressed with the device. It is from San Digital and is TOWERSTOR TS2CT.

The case design is all aluminum and matches the Apple equipment. I had a couple 1 TB drives and put them in last night. I set it up to run in Raid 1, which mirrors the data on both drives. It basically turns the two drives into one drive of 1TB. The benefit is that if one of of the drives fails, the other can still be read. When the failing drive is replaced, the new drive will receive a copy of the other drive and you are back in a totally protected state.

It cost me $40 to have it shipped to me at Multiservicios International De chiriquí. I thought that was pretty good, considering the size of the box that Amazon put it in.

I expect to be on the new iMac by the end of the month. At least that is my hope. Maybe with that, I will be back to a more normal posting capability. I still continue to learn more about OSX Lion. I am still happy to be making the move. While Windows 7 was extremely good, I am enjoying Lion more.

At any rate, this is to notify you, that my health is not a reason for less posts. I am more busy than ever and have several projects running. I should be back to normal in a few months.

The weather is great. Life is good. I am enjoying both.