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lion Re-install is for the birds

Apple’s decision to not produce a DVD with the Lion system is turning out to be a nightmare for me.

After moving all my files off my trusty Windows 7 PC to the MacMini I did a clean install of Windows 7 and therefore cleaned all my files off the PC so that it was in a like new state.

A couple days ago, I thought the MacMini was slow. However, I thought maybe it was just my imagination since the Windows machine was so powerful. Then yesterday, it was EXTREMELY slow. I brought up the Activity Monitor to see what was happening.

The Mini came with a 320 GB hard drive and after I had installed my files, I had a little over a half of the space left. Yesterday as I was searching for the problem, I noticed that there was only 30 GB left on the drive. As I watched, the space was diminishing by the second.

I powered it down when there was only 28 GB left. Today, I was able to download the Lion Installer to a USB drive and decided to request a re-install of Lion. To reinstall, you really are downloading Lion from the App store again. After much web searching, I learned how to erase the disk for a clean install.

Following that, i ran into my first problem. When I signed into the App store. It told me I needed to be in the U.S. We has problems with Cable Onda today and while I was trying to figure out the problem, I switched off my VPN in my router. Doing that caused my location to be identified as being Panama.

I guess since my registered address is in the U.S. and I bought the Mini in the U.S. it wanted my ip to be in the U.S.

I got on the iPad and re-activated the VPN option of the router to put my ip address back in the U.S.

This time the App store was happy and started the download. Surprise, it says 248 hours to complete. Hmmmmm! Not a happy camper. I waited ten minutes and the time had not changed.

I decided to try to start again. This time it said 98 hours. I guess that is an improvement. I waited 20 minutes and now it says 48 hours.

I am going to bed and will check for progress tomorrow. So far, my opinion of not having a real DVD with the operating System on it is a very bad idea.

I sure hope the new machine that is coming has Lion already installed and I don’t have to visit the App store for it.

I am just glad that things are easier on a Mac. That is sarcasm.

update October 26 – During the night the download almost completed. It must have had an interruption and still had about 5 minutes to finish. With the system downloaded, it took about 20 minutes to install.

Now I have run into my next problem, which to this point has not been resolved. For some reason, I am not connecting to the router by ethernet. Luckily, the built-in WiFi does connect fine. The ethernet connection worked fine until following the reboot from the Lion installation. It is always strange to me how new problems can crop up with technology, but I have seen it many times. In fact for a while this morning, Cable Onda was down and it took me a while to realize the WiFi was not working because of that outage.

I will say that iCloud was nice and reestablished my address book and calendar and Safari bookmarks. I just had to add my email accounts, other than the iCloud account.

At least I can say that it appears I have a working system. I have not restored my files yet and won’t until I resolve my ethernet problem. The saga continues. I should note that these problems might not be so difficult with a more savvy Mac user.

UPDATE October 26 – 2 – The ethernet problem has been solved. It was a bad ethernet cable.

NOTE: As I read it, to create a bootable Lion image, you have to do it before you install Lion. Unfortunately, I didn’t know enough to do that. If anyone in the Chiriquí area did make a Lion image, I would appreciate it if you could burn me a copy.

Gateway FX6800-01E Intel Core i7 Desktop Computer For Sale

UPDATE October 26 – A buyer will come by tomorrow morning to pick up the items. As long as he shows up, it is sold. If he doesn’t show up, I have a two more buyers that want it. I will honor the offers as they were received. The original post follows.


I am going to sell my Gateway PC to make way for the new iMac that I have ordered. You will be hard pressed to find a configuration equal to this in Panama for a better price.

The photos of the PC Are listed under Gallery.

The specifications are listed under Specs in the previous URL.

You can see the original retail prices for the PC on the Spec page.

If you want to look at the service PDF, it is here.

Now for differences between the spec page and the PC as it is selling.

It came with 3 GB of memory. I increased it to 6 GB. It is blazing fast with a 2.66 quad i7 processor. When you bring up the system analyzer, you will see 8 CPU threads running.

It came with Windows Vista Home Premium. I purchased Windows 7 Ultimate, which is the top Windows system. Here is a comparison page for the differences in Windows 7 distributions. Most systems sold in Panama are from the Starter system to the Home Premium system.

One of the main advantages of the Windows 7 Ultimate Operating System, in Panama, is that it installs with any language. If you want the system in Spanish, just change it to Spanish. It is installed as an English system.

It also runs in compatibility mode so you should be able to run your XP applications, if you have any.

The system is installed with a 500 GB hard There is another drive space in the main cage and there are two front mounted drive slots for expansion for a total of 4 drive locations.

I am also selling the LG 22” display (model LG226WTG) connected with a DVI cable.

I am also including the computer desk, which has areas for CDs, printer, PC, two drawers and two other shelves.

If you buy a system comparable to this in Panama, it will probably cost you over $1,200. I am asking $750.

I have done a clean install of Windows 7 and applied all updates.

If you are interested, drop me a line at

Yo Boquete 2012 – Bid 4 Boquete Gets Underway

News Release—for immediate release. October 17, 2011.

Contact: Elizabeth Worley,


Yo Boquete 2012 – Bid 4 Boquete Gets Underway

Bid 4Boquete, where generous hearts meet helping hands, is once again organizing for its annual fundraiser. The next Bid 4 Boquete Extravaganza will be held February 11 and 12, 2012 and the theme, in keeping with Valentine’s Day, is “Yo Boquete.”

Plans for this year’s art show, wine tasting, Silent Auction, Live Auction, patio sale, garden and plant sale, raffle, food court, live music, book sale, bake sale, and children’s activities are all well underway. There will be something for everyone, young and old. Mark your calendars now—it’s not too early!

Event coordinators, Las Tres Mujeres, are Penny Barrett, Bonnie Williams and Nevia Mayers. The Committee members have set this year’s fund raising goal at $70,000


To date, we have received over $26,000 in donations of cash, goods and services. THANK YOU, donors! But this is just the start—in order to meet our fundraising goal of $70,000, we need at least $75,000 in donations. We are asking businesses and individuals throughout Panama to pledge their support and help make Yo Boquete 2012 a rousing success. Donors are listed on the Bid4Boquete website, with a photograph of their donation, until after the auction in February. Great adversting for your business or products.


Donations are coming in daily—check out the website, to see what has already been catalogued. To view the Auction Gallery, you can go to Please note: You may bid on items beginning NOW—or purchase outright for full value. There are deep sea fishing trips, exotic resort and hotel packages, original art works, Spanish classes, gift certificates for gourmet dinners, health and beauty products, organic produce and much more more!


Do you have a business? Sell a product? Provide a service? Have an overflow of stuff in your closet or garage? No item or service is too large or too small for Bid 4 Boquete. To donate an item or service, write to or contact Penny Barrett at Contact Alicia McGuigan at to arrange for pick up of large items.


Last year’s event raised over $55,000. Donations of gifts, services and cash came from 398 different contributors. The 2 day spectacular drew crowds of visitors from Panama City, David and throughout Chiriqui, with thousands of people participating in the fun-filled activities. All proceeds were distributed to the following charities: Amigos de Animales de Boquete (spay and neuter clinic for animals), Buenos Vecinos de Boquete (food outreach to elderly and handicapped persons), Club Leones de Boquete (which is a leading force in building the new library in Boquete) and Fundacion Pro-Integracion handicap Center (providing services for the area’s handicapped). Additional organizations have been added to the 2012 recipient list.


So save the date, and plan to be part of the fun.

For now, please contribute to Bid 4 Boquete. Visit the website and see how you can be part of our donor list. And when you visit our corporate sponsors, please tell them “Thank You” for their support.

Granny’s Sausage in Boquete

I was told that there is now American style breakfast sausage available in Boquete. Actually, David Johnson, who I met this morning, calls it Tennessee sausage.

This is a family owned business. David said he finally gave up on getting good sausage in Panama and started making his own.

It comes in Mild, Regular and Hot. I ordered and picked up two pounds (one Mild and one Regular) this morning. The price is $5.50 a pound.

I hope it is what I am looking for. I have had a tremendous craving since PriceSmart quit carrying Jones Farm links.

I understand that Granny’s Sausage is available every Tuesday meeting in Boquete. If you want to try some before I report back, write David at

First ATM Problem in 8 Years

Yesterday, I was at the SuperMarket El Rey in Plaza El Terronal. I used the ATM at Banco Universal to Make a withdrawal of $200. The machine made all the noises like it was getting the money and then a message appeared saying it didn’t have enough money and to try later.

I then went to the other ATM in El Rey and requested the same amount. I got some message that made me think the machine was not working.

I walked over to HSBC and tried one more time. This ATM told me there was not sufficient funds in my account. Now I knew that the first machine had registered the withdrawal and just hadn’t given me the money. Grrrr!

I walked back to Banco Universal and it was not open. All other banks were open, but not this one. So today my schedule has an appointment to return to Banco Universal and issue my complaint.

I have printed my bank statement showing that it removed the money from my account and have called my bank and put in a dispute for the money.

I guess an ATM problem every 8 years is not too bad, but I was not in the mood for it yesterday.

UPDATE October 18, 2911 – I met with a very nice lady at Banco Universal, Sujeily Cedeno. She said it would take from 5 to 8 days for their bank and the bank in the U.S. to reverse the transaction. I expect, based on that conversation, that everything to be resolved within 10 working days. My bank in the U.S. had said it should be 3 to 5 days to see the money back in the account.

UPDATE October 20, 2011 – I just checked my account, this morning, and see that the missing funds have been replaced. I had called my bank on the 17th, so I think that was very good response.


Panamanian Art Party

Artistic Integration

Colective Exposition
Panama National Artist Union

With the Support of:
Casa Cultural La Guaricha
Fundación para las Artes Montilla e hijos
Pinacoteca de Arte Contemporáneo de Chiriquí
Galería de Arte Cosinga Enmarcador y Poster

Tuesday 18th of October – 7:00 pm
(exhibition October 18th to 31st)
10:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.
Info 6618 2929 / 6122 2089

Paralel exhibition
Galería de Arte Cosinga
(exhibition October 19th al 31st)
Info 6770 2653 / 730 7572

You are special invite
Free Admision
Please tell your friends 

Casa Cultural La Guaricha
Barrio Estudiante, Bajada al Colegio Félix Olivares C.
Casa Verde con Amarillo a un costado del puente
Celular: 507-6122-2089
Siguénos en Twitter @casalaguaricha
Siguénos en Facebook Casa Cultural La Guaricha

Up On The MacMini

I am about 95% up and configured on the MacMini. Considering that I made the move due to a PC failure, I am in pretty good shape. I also have updated the iPad to IOS5 with no problems.

It appears that all files are recovered. I have moved my address book and calendar over to iCloud and find it much better than syncing with Windows Live.

One thing I hated about my calendar on Windows was that the alert for a scheduled appointment came in via an email. If I was not connected to the Internet I missed the alert. Now I get my alerts if the Internet is connected or not.

I have merged all my address books and think I have more things in order than before.

I use LibreOffice currently for my office suite. I had used it before and for my needs it works well and being free doesn’t hurt either. One thing that is different on the Mac is that I can’t save a new document in a specific folder. It wants to save it in Documents. I hope that is a learning curve problem.

The only real annoyance I have is that I lost all my bookmarks. Had I been more prepared I would have had a saved copy, but compared to what could have happened, I am in good shape. Spotify is playing my favorite music and I am a happy camper.

With a little more time I will have a more complete feeling about my likes and dislikes on the differences between OSX and Windows7. However, for the moment I think the move has been a good change.

The word for the day is “Progress”.