A TidBit Of Mac Experience

As I go through my learning curve with the Mac, I will post some of my experiences and observations. While I consider myself competent with Windows and relative competent with Linux, I am still a novice with OSX for the Mac. However, OSX and Linux are cousins, so it is not totally foreign to me.

This morning, I was reading an article that had a Mac Question section and one of the questions was
related to needing an AV program on the Mac.

The rapid growth of Mac users is making it more of a target and the advice given was that there were still two camps of users – those that use AV and those that say there is no need.

I fall in the camp of better safe than sorry. The author went on to recommend two “free” Anti-Virus programs. One was Sophos Anti-Virus.

Free is good and I decided to download it and give it a try.

I started a scan before I left to take photos of the Container Seven unload.

When I returned. I was surprised to see a warning from the scan. It had found a Trojan in a file. Upon inspection, it was a Windows OS file that has accidentally been brought over when I copied my backup files to this fresh environment.

The Trojan was not a danger to this system, but is a danger on Windows.

One reason to have a AV on a Mac is that, while the Mac is less vulnerable to malware and viruses, it can still be a carrier and transmit forwarded viruses to others via email and other means.

To this point, Sophos looks like a good thing to have. I will keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t consume too much CPU time.

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