Put On Your Work Boots

I just received a call from Tom McCormack and his seventh container will arrive in David tonight. It seems like only yesterday, I met Tom and realized what a great person he is.

This container will be ready to be unloaded tomorrow by 8:00 A.M. It will be at a Pedregal Gymnasium not far from the one used last year.

It has two orthopedic beds are going to Casa Triska near Boquete and two going to Boquete hospice as well as a much, much more.

To see last years post, for an idea of what was delivered in the last container, click HERE.

Contact Tom on his Cell (6-760-3439) and he will give instruction on how you can help and where to go.

UPDATE: October 28, 2011 – Container Seven from Heaven (AKA Tom McCormack) was unloaded this morning. There was good participation from both Panamanians and Gringos in the unloading. I had mentioned that four expensive orthopedic beds were going to the Boquete area and no one from the Boquete area assisted in the unloading.

Tom made a comment to me before I left today that those that had requested these beds will have to come to David and pick them up since they were too busy to assist with the unloading. If they can’t make arrangements to do that, Tom said he would find other homes for the beds.

I have lots of photos of this mornings activities and when I get a chance I will post them.

Container eight is in the works and will come to David, assuming there are no problems, the first week of December.

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  1. My Cell number is 6-760-3439 As you pass the entrance to the airport turn the first left and the gymnasium is in this general area.Call me if you can’t locate it.

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