Tony Mangan Update

I received the following about a world jogger approaching Panama and almost to Costa Rica.

From……: GT

Hi Don;
Some blog fodder!

Early summer I wrote you about a friend, Tony Mangan, jogging around the world and heading your way. Just a reminder now that he is approaching Panama. He is nearing Costa Rica and runs between 30-50+ kilometers a day depending on conditions. Today marks day 365 (1 year) and about 8,000 miles. His blog is where he has a GPS tracker and interesting, if somewhat disjointed, accounts of his travels. Worth reading for those of us with adventurous minds and less adventurous bodies. Those wanting to meet Tony, jog with him a while, or offer support in the way of a cool drink or donation to his charity, can contact him via his blog. Don’t worry, he knows that he’s unique, but few people are as committed to a quest this difficult. Here’s a recent excerpt from his blog.

“Yesterday I ran thru a small town. They had a marching band playing as they sat in the garden of a bar. The whole band stop playing, it was the real gringo stuff of spaghetti westerns.. I haven’t shaved in a few days , I haven’t seen a mirror in two countries and I swear if someone lights a match off my stubble and says.. ” So you think you are tough gringo punk! Well you just keep on running outs town …” I will just faint.”


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  1. Thanks for the post Don… Tony writes…

    theworldjog Says:
    October 26th, 2011 at 4:03 am

    Thanks Greg! Hopefully they can help and find runners to run with me. Could you please send Don an email for me please?
    Thanks to everyone for your great and loyal support! Heres to year two… Everything is possible! 🙂

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