Granny’s Sausage in Boquete

I was told that there is now American style breakfast sausage available in Boquete. Actually, David Johnson, who I met this morning, calls it Tennessee sausage.

This is a family owned business. David said he finally gave up on getting good sausage in Panama and started making his own.

It comes in Mild, Regular and Hot. I ordered and picked up two pounds (one Mild and one Regular) this morning. The price is $5.50 a pound.

I hope it is what I am looking for. I have had a tremendous craving since PriceSmart quit carrying Jones Farm links.

I understand that Granny’s Sausage is available every Tuesday meeting in Boquete. If you want to try some before I report back, write David at

9 thoughts on “Granny’s Sausage in Boquete

  1. Hey Don,
    I started making my own when I could not get the Jones Sausages. Come on over and pick up a sample!

  2. He called it Granny sausage when I bought some of the HOT. It is really good. I need more. Tennessee sausage is a great name too. The south loves their sausage.
    I make sausage, but mine is not nearly as good as his.


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