Followup With Ryan Grassley

I have met with Ryan Grassley a couple times and he is making some very interesting videos around Chiriquí. I asked if he would send me a post so I could share some of his talent with my readers. He sent the following:

I’m Ryan Grassley and I’ve been living in David for about a year and a half now. I keep myself busy by taking motorcycle adventures and filming them to share with the world. I spend most of my time exploring Chriqui, and I’ve seen a lot of awesome places in the area. If you live in Chriqui and you’re bored then you’re really bad at living. Below are a few of my favorite places to visit in the area. Some are harder to get to than others, but all are worth the effort.

Tigre Salvaje Turtle Rescue Center.

Tigre Salvaje  is one of those hard to get to places. It’s about a 3-4 hour drive down a bumpy road, and an easy 45 minute hike to get to the place. Once you’re there accommodations are nice. Running water, electricity, but no cell phone or internet. Being there and helping out some amazing turtles is a great experience.

Alouatta Lodge and Monkey Sanctuary

Alouatta Lodge and Monkey Sanctuary  is about a 30 minute drive from David. The owners there take care of howler monkeys. Three of the monkeys I met that day used me for a bathroom, so wouldn’t recommend wearing your Sunday best, but I still had a good time.

Gualaca River Canyons

The Gualaca River Canyons are very easy to get to. A 45 minute drive from David on a nice paved road will take you right to the main swimming hole. It’s a lot of fun to jump off the rocks surrounding the slow moving river, and if you’re feeling adventurous you can hike along the river and visit many other nice swimming spots along the way.

I’ve got many more videos about my adventures in Panama on my YouTube channel HalfThrottle  and am always posting more. So be sure to subscribe  if you want to follow me on my adventures around the isthmus.

On November 1st I will be speaking at the BCP’s Tuesday Morning Market event. I’ll be showing a few of my videos, answering questions about the gear I use, and talking about why it’s important to get out of your house and make friends with strangers.

If you know of a great place I should check out be sure and drop me a line,

7 thoughts on “Followup With Ryan Grassley

  1. Don Ray:
    Amazing video of the turtle rescue. Thanks.
    “Los Cangilones” is the area I recommended to you a couple of years ago. The spot where he is jumping is where my dad used to go swimming in his childhood from the close town of Gualaca where he grew up. He told me once they never were able to reach the bottom of the river on that particular spot. I have been there myself and almost drowned once when I was 8 or 9 yo.
    Thanks for the memories, and thaks to Ryan.

  2. being an old ‘dirt biker’ I really enjoyed the Gualaca videos…..never knew that was there….and I must have driven right by on my way to and from , visitiong Bocas Del Toro from Boquete….next time ,got to see that canyon!

  3. Finally, what I have been hoping was in Panama. Arrive in David in January, 2012 for my next adventure in life. You really got me excited just from the two videos I have seen so far. You are an excellent videographer. Please keep it up.


  4. Great work – I subscribed to your youtube channel – perhaps we’ll run into each other somewhere .. I’ll be back to Playa Las Lajas soon 🙂

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