Just Two Seniors in Love

Just Two Seniors in Love
By Don Ray Williams
October 8, 2011

As he caressed her hand and looked deep in her eyes.
He wondered if she knew or even if she realized,
That she made his life complete

He always felt that his words were never enough,
And saying what he felt in his heart had always been tough,
But she made his life complete.

As he lay next to her and stroked her graying hair,
He hoped that maybe this would make her aware,
That she made his life complete.

She could tell as they cuddled and as he rubbed her cheek,
That he had things he wanted to say, but for some reason couldn’t speak.
But even in silence he made her life complete.

She ran a finger around his lips and whispered softly in his ear.
Words tender and sweet that she wanted only him to hear.
You have always made my life complete.

He walked more slowly now, and her vision was no longer twenty/twenty.
They had little money, but when they were together they felt they had plenty.
His memory sometimes failed him and when she spoke she might lose the thread,
But none of that seemed important, as they lay there in their bed,
Because they felt that their lives were complete.

4 thoughts on “Just Two Seniors in Love

  1. I believe we share many feelings in common with regard to our respective loved one…nicely stated…you are a man of good character! My lady & I Would like to meet you & yours while in Boquete in November.

  2. Feelings beautifully expressed; a love shared by two. A kind of love all desire and very few feel in their heart.

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