Parrot and Cage For Sale By Owner

I received the following request to post.

FSBO: One Large Parrot and one Large Cage, Cage is about 5 1/2 Ft. tall. Parrot is about 3 years old.

The cage was specially made at a cost of $275.00, I will take $200.00 for both. call 6700-2537 ask for Larry or email at

Photos follow:

5 thoughts on “Parrot and Cage For Sale By Owner

  1. What is the personality of the bird? How old is it? How long have you had it?
    How often do you handle it?

  2. I have had Tita about 4 months, She is about 3 years old, and she will come to me and sit on my finger but I need to clip her wings in order to let her out of the cage. my wife is afraid she may fly off. I don’t think so, but who knows. I go by her cage and scratch her head and neck all the time, she loves it. at first she tried to bite me, but she calmed down after about a week, now she is tame, she always was with the other owner. she talks when she wants to, she whistles, and says Hola, Tita, Tita, She had a mate but he died just before I bought her. but she is now back to where she should be. I got her to put her with another Parrot I have but they fought and I had to remove her from a larger Cage. you may write or call me if you like, Larry

  3. I had a parrot that love to talk and his name was George and his famous saying was George,porgy put in pie kiss the girls and made them cry.I sure do miss him…I guess you already have sold the parrot?

  4. NO, I still have the Parrot. I had a interested party but he is a no show. if you are still interested call me. 6700-2537 Larry

  5. Teresa Hughes, I just got back from David, it’s 7 pm and as of right now I still have the Parrot. Thanks, Larry

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