Another Success

This morning I received the following email:

From……: RA
Email…..: (removed)

Dear Sirs maybe you can help me I am looking for my cousin Dr. (name removed) who is a pediatrician in David. I am trying to find him after 20 years. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated for he is my only living relative. Could you tell him to contact me at (email address removed)

I looked the name up in the David phone book and called the number. A man answered and I asked if he was the doctor. He said no. I asked if he knew the doctor and he said it was his father.

I told him I had received an email from the doctor’s cousin and I was going to provide the person, that wrote me, with the phone number.

I just received the following email.

Thank you my friend may god bless you that’s my cousin

Now that makes me feel good.

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