Don’t You Get Bored Living in Panama

No I never get bored. Sometimes I think I put in more hours than I did when I had a paying job. It seems like there is always something going on.

Having a blog increases the chances of getting involved in a new activity. On the 26th I received a comment on one of my one-liner posts. Earlier on the 26th, there was a terrible accident in the Volcan area. The person writing me was living in Wisconsin and wanting to find out information for his Panamanian wife. She had heard that her brother was involved in the accident.

I deleted the comment and the individual and I continued communicating via email and by phone using my MagicJack.

I made a couple calls and withing 30 minutes was talking to a relative of the deceased brother. Sad conformation, but at least the wondering was over.

Normally I would hear about something like this, where a U.S. citizen needs information in Chiriquí, by being contacted by the U.S. Embassy. This time Google provided the contact.

For lunch today, I am meeting with Ryan Grassley, who made the incredible video I posted a while back.

He has been making some more videos and the last I saw was really fantastic. I will be posting more about his video’s later.

When the blog is idle or has less posts than normal, it probably doesn’t mean that nothing is going on, but more likely enough that I haven’t had time to post anything. For me, I would rather be busy than idle.

Everyone spends their retirement days differently. I feel fortunate to spend mine the way I do.

7 thoughts on “Don’t You Get Bored Living in Panama

  1. Hi Don Ray,

    I loved Ryan’s video and am now working my way through all 200 that he has posted. I rode motorcycles for most of my life but never had the offroad adventures that Ryan has shared.

    I did terribly mistreat a rental car from David a few years back when I mistakenly drove from Boquete over the mountain ridges to Caldera. If anyone gets a rental Yaros that doesn’t seem to sit level, that’s the one I had! 🙂 I would recommend making the trip up to the mountain ridges above Boquete just to see the aqueducts put in by the Swiss settlers years ago to divert the runoff.

    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  2. And we, your readers, are fortunate that you choose to spend your retirement this way! You offer many gems of information that we may not come across otherwise….for that I thank you.

  3. What in the heck is “retired” for Don Ray???? Thank God for his “retirement” and for all the information — factual.

  4. “Everyone spends their retirement days differently. I feel fortunate to spend mine the way I do.”

    …and so do we!

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