Las Ruinas Boquete Restaurant Revisited

My last visit to Las Ruinas was in March of 2010. Since I wanted to talk to Hal at The BOOKMARK, I decided to try Las Ruinas again for last Sunday’s lunch. Ir recently got the highest number of votes in the Boquete Guide poll.

The restaurant looks pretty much the same as in my original post.

I thought all prices on the menu were very reasonable.

I chose the Philly Cheese steak sandwich.

To be honest, I was disappointed. I am a provolone cheese steak kinda guy and cheez whiz just is not what I want on a cheese steak. Other than the cheese, I thought the rest was fine. I liked the coleslaw and ranch fries.

My dining companion had the fish and chips.

She didn’t eat it all and said the fish was getting soggy toward the end.

For the price, Las Ruinas is not a bad deal. My assumption is that it beat our The ROCK on price. It certainly didn’t beat it out on food or service. The Rock has better food in my opinion, but it costs more as well.

4 thoughts on “Las Ruinas Boquete Restaurant Revisited

  1. Don: I must come to the defense of Las Ruinas. While i have not tried the Philly Cheese Stake there, as a former restaurant owner in Costa Rica who had the same sandwich on menu (and i have done some research on that particular sandwich) i believe you will find that in Philadelphia, Cheese Whiz is the original traditional cheese used in this sandwich. A search of recipes on the Food Network website confirms this
    ( ) , however, the New York style of this sandwich (Bobby Flay, et. al.) uses cheddar or (gasp) american as a substitute…provolone cheese has been in vogue due to the likes of Emiril Lagasse and Jamie Oliver tweaking the original Pat’s recipe (but even Lagasse’s recipe interchanges Cheese Whiz for provolone or american) and all of these substitutes are still made into a sauce.

    As for the fish and chips, i recently was there with a foodie friend from Scotland who knows fish and chips better than anyone i know, and while he is accustomed to a different north atlantic fish (i believe cod), he rated the fish and chips as very good, particularly the preparation/batter, and both of us rave about the homemade fries.

    And while you did not mention it, i would like to mention the onion rings. I was so impressed with the preparation and presentation that i brought back some Walla Walla sweet onions and had them prepared there as onion rings, and while Las Ruinas rings are superb, these were off the chart fantastic.

    I must respectfully take issue with your characterization that La Ruinas beat out the Rock on price alone. While you did not mention BBQ ribs, i have had the Rock’s ribs and was highly disappointed that they were drowned in sauce. I am determined to try La Ruinas ribs and given their attention to detail in everything i have eaten there, i have no doubt they will put the Rock’s ribs to shame, and (as you note) at a much more reasonable price.

  2. Like always, I express my opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs. I am aware that there is a debate of what is best and there are traditionally two camps. Had I known that the sandwich was in the Cheese Whiz camp, I would have ordered something different.

    No one at our table had the onion rings, ergo no comment.

    If I were going to take the time to drive from David to Boquete to eat and I wanted something special, I would again go to the Rock over Las Ruinas. However, that is just me.

    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

  3. I only ate there once…while the wienerschnitzel was ok or just a little better in my opinion…I`ve had better…but the place is nice…and I plan to visit again.

  4. Don,

    keep on going the way you go, no need to back your statements, it is your opinion, and if somebody has to use a specialist from wherever to back up his statement it is still a single opinion or taste as it is yours. Everybody can take a try and get his own research.

    The mentioned specialist from island where we live actually, I would confirm his statement, but all what you find abroad is general better. And we have been in some places over the world to be able to compare.

    Best wishes to Chiriqui


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