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Today, I made a withdrawal of $600 from the ATM in El Rey so that I could make the deposit in Hal’s account. I walked directly to HSBC across the street and gave the money, I had just taken from my ATM, to the teller and asked for two receipts, one for $500 and one for $100.

The teller counted the money and there was only $500. Luckily, I had an extra $100 and was able to make the entire deposit.

I returned home and verified that my bank had only distributed $500. Now my problem with the ATM is that it should have rejected my transaction and given me a message stating that there was a $500 limit.

Instead it said nothing and dispensed $500. I remember now that this has happened to me before and I had forgotten. I thought it was worth mentioning again, so that others would be mindful of this and not just assume that you receive what you request.

Las Ruinas Boquete Restaurant Revisited

My last visit to Las Ruinas was in March of 2010. Since I wanted to talk to Hal at The BOOKMARK, I decided to try Las Ruinas again for last Sunday’s lunch. Ir recently got the highest number of votes in the Boquete Guide poll.

The restaurant looks pretty much the same as in my original post.

I thought all prices on the menu were very reasonable.

I chose the Philly Cheese steak sandwich.

To be honest, I was disappointed. I am a provolone cheese steak kinda guy and cheez whiz just is not what I want on a cheese steak. Other than the cheese, I thought the rest was fine. I liked the coleslaw and ranch fries.

My dining companion had the fish and chips. Continue reading Las Ruinas Boquete Restaurant Revisited