Subway Omelet Today

I started the day with a Subway Omelet this morning. Today was a disappointment. The omelet itself was almost fine. For some reason they left off the onions and I requested everything.

However, the real problem was the bread. Normally this is one of the high-points about Subway. Today I am convinced I got bread that was made late yesterday. It was dry and tough. I am sure that they are supposed to get rid of old bread, but they did not today.

I recommend that if you go for breakfast to ask what bread is fresh. If you want to ruin a good omelet, just put it on day old dry bread.

4 thoughts on “Subway Omelet Today

  1. An omelet that is not sandwiched between two slices of any bread is more appealing to me.

    I’ve been disappointed in the David Subway, too. Every time I’ve been they’re out of something that I was looking forward to.

  2. Yes, I like a regular omelet too. Lilliam’s omelets are the best, however, with the discount, betting a good omelet and coffee for less than $3 is hard to do beat.

  3. I have a couple of friends back in N.C. who work in Subway, one is a store manager. I can tell you from my conversations with them that Subway mgmt. is paranoid about customer service, freshness of product, etc. And that attitude goes to every employee or they get rid of them! The Subway here has the same problem that the other U.S. chain restaurants (Fridays, Pizza Hut, and Kentucky Fried in particular) have. You can export cuisine, menus and building design, but all too often customer service and employee attitude don’t travel well.

    When I am back in the States, I am addicted to Subway’s cookies. Always so soft and moist – delicious. Here, I don’t even bother – twice was enough. Dry and hard as hockey pucks. Do not know whether they don’t know how to bake them are whether they were stale – maybe both?

    But I do love the tuna salad and it is the real deal. So evidently the recipe made it here.

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