Driving La Calle de la Muerta

In David, there is a single one-way street that runs north from Avenida 4 to the InterAmerican highway. It is known by several names. The official name is Calle C Sur. However it is better known by Chiricanos as La Calle de la Muerta or La Vía Rápida

The following video uses a starting point at the end of Calle Miguel Brenes, which is the road that runs in front of Super 99 and McDonald’s.

Some main points of interest on or near Calle C Sur are the Migracion office, where you have to go to for all Passport work, and the Municipal building where you will need to go for your car tags. That is assuming your car is registered in David.

Here is the video.

8 thoughts on “Driving La Calle de la Muerta

  1. The video does not begin on Calle C Sur. I tried to orient the beginning of the video by starting on Calle Miguel A. Brenes and driving a short portion of Avenida 4, since the one-way portion of Calle C Sur starts at Avenida 4.

    Migracion has not moved. It is just before the only traffic light on Calle C Sur.

  2. Hi Don,

    Has Google maps contacted you yet about a part time position as a street-view provider? I think they are missing a golden opportunity here.

    Great videos and a great service to the newbies to David.
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  3. Ha. That would become real work. Before that could happen here someone would have to provide actual street signs through out the city and actually put house numbers on the houses.

  4. Hi. Appreciate all the work you do but I need a response to a question. I am almost 70 yrs old and my husband is 76. If we have to renew our US passport, do we actually have to go to Panama City to do this. At our age and our health, we just can’t do this. Is there any office here in David that will take care of the proper paperwork for renewal?

  5. When the ACS unit comes on their annual visit, they can take care of it, but other than that time you do have to go to Panama City. You can try calling or emailing the U.S. Embassy and seeing if you can work out a different arrangement with them, but my assumption is that a trip to Panama City will be required.

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