Do You Know

Do You Know
By Don Ray Williams
September 18, 2011

I am just sittin here, and kinda feelin blue,
Mostly its cause I’m so missin you.
You say when you are here, that I never say much,
But when you’re gone, you don’t know how I long for your touch.


And each day away, you’re still in my mind.
Perhaps the time, while you’re gone, will help me to find,
The words I know that I really should say,
To tell you how much I miss you each day.


Do You know that you bring calmness to the life that I live?
Do you know that I feel the warmth of the love that you give?
Do you know when you smile, that it brightens my day?
Do you know that I search for the right words to say?


I often think that fate was ever so kind,
When it caused our lives to become entwined.
And while I never say it, maybe you sense the feelings I have,
Of how grateful I am that our lives have crossed paths.


So while I am sittin here and feelin blue.
I know its only cause I missin you.
I know when you’re here, that I don’t talk much,
But you should know when you’re gone, that I long for your touch.

3 thoughts on “Do You Know

  1. Dear Don,
    So when will Lilliam be coming home? We all miss her , too. What a lovely poem, hope she reads it and comes home soon!

    Have a good evening,
    Clyde and Linda

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