Chiriquí Chatter meets Half-Throttle

Yesterday when I was at McDonald’s, to see how many motorcycle groups would be there, I met Ryan Grassley. Ryan has a video blog called Half-Throttle. I had seen one of Ryan’s videos a long time ago. Last night Ryan sent me the following link to a series of videos he made going to the Cerro Banco waterfall on his motorcycle.

Watch the videos. It will most likely be the only way you will see the Cerro Banco waterfall, even if you live in Panama. As you watch the videos, take a little time to consider what Ryan had to do to make the videos. Yesterday I noticed he carries a small Canon digital recorder and a tripod. To make these videos required a tremendous amount of effort. Unbelievable.

I think Ryan is using a Kawasaki bike. It has taken a beating prior to Ryan getting it and it is taking even more of a beating in Panama.

Here is the link Ryan sent me. Take some time and watch 12 short videos making up the Cerro Bunco Adventure.

I enjoyed the videos and am sure you will as well.

6 thoughts on “Chiriquí Chatter meets Half-Throttle

  1. My wife and I are moving permanently to Panama in October of 2013. I ride motor cycles all the time. I am actually riding my KTM690 Enduro R all the way from Canada to Volcan Chiriqui in the month of September. I would really like to meet this guy Ryan Grassley. Would you be so kind and leave me a note…

    Bert Timmer

  2. Wow, now that’s a fast reply.. We are actually in Volcan right now for a final let’s check this place out one more time.. Still in love with this area. Do you meet up with your readers at all…? Like to talk to somebody who has lived here for a while.


  3. Great, well we are here till April 28, 2013. We sure like to see you if you have time.. See you soon,
    Bert and Barb

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