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Bikers in David – Day Two

Well, I was able to get myself up and make it over to McDonald’s this morning. I got to talk with more of the attendees today. I also took more photos. So lets get started seeing who was at McDonald’s today.

I talked to the fellow on the left. He spoke perfect English and I think he said he had served in the U.S. army. To his left is Pachanga from Bugaba, Chiriquí. I am told that he is at all the motorcycle events.

Here was a three-wheeler I didn’t see yesterday. Continue reading Bikers in David – Day Two

A Small Challenge

I never ask anyone to do anything that I am not willing to do myself. Today, following taking some more motorcycle photos at McDonald’s, I went to PriceSmart to pick up some things for Nutre Hogar.

I did buy one thing that was not directly for the support of the kiddos and it was a container of PoppyCock. I thought that Melitza, Deysi and Carol could use a little appreciation too.

Here was what I took.

Now my challenge is to some of the rest of the non-Panamanians, who are enjoying this beautiful country. Help me help Nutre Hogar. I know many in Boquete can spend $40 to $50 on the plays run by the BCP and not blink an eye. Next time you want to feel better inside, consider $40 or $50 for Nutre Hogar.

As I mentioned in the original post, Nutre Hogar has a bank account that you can deposit directly into. I have also offered my personal PayPal account and any money deposited in their behalf will be paid by me to them and I will send you a receipt.

One person commented on my last post where I included a driving video to Nutre Hogar, that it seemed far and could there be local drops. Yes. If you want to drop off stuff for Nutre Hogar, you can leave it with me and I will take it to them.

I do think that one trip to Nutre Hogar would be a nice thing though. If you do go, tell them you learned about them through Chiriquí Chatter.

Time For Another Reminder

If you are new to Panama, you may not know this. I didn’t when I moved here and now I always watch to see how many others are aware or who may not be aware.

The bag boys in all of the supermarkets and in PriceSmart do not get paid. They work only on tips. The money, many of them make a day, helps put food on their family’s table.

Many times in the supermarkets, I will see them bag up the groceries and then the customer just takes the bags and carries them to their car. In those cases, the bag boy got nothing. Many people that come from the states might consider tipping if bags are taken to the car, but I have seen some that think that is just a service of the supermarket. It is not a service in Panama.

TIP the bag boys. I have gotten to the point I try to always tip even if I only buy a small amount. Fifty cents to one of these young lads means a lot to them.

The next time you are going through the line get ready to have some fun. Load your face up with a smile and say to the bag boy as you give him some change, “Que tenga un buen dia.”

I will guarantee he will flash you back a smile and say, “Igualmente.”

You just made a friend and you will feel good about it.

Chiriquí Chatter meets Half-Throttle

Yesterday when I was at McDonald’s, to see how many motorcycle groups would be there, I met Ryan Grassley. Ryan has a video blog called Half-Throttle. I had seen one of Ryan’s videos a long time ago. Last night Ryan sent me the following link to a series of videos he made going to the Cerro Banco waterfall on his motorcycle.

Watch the videos. It will most likely be the only way you will see the Cerro Banco waterfall, even if you live in Panama. As you watch the videos, take a little time to consider what Ryan had to do to make the videos. Yesterday I noticed he carries a small Canon digital recorder and a tripod. To make these videos required a tremendous amount of effort. Unbelievable.

I think Ryan is using a Kawasaki bike. It has taken a beating prior to Ryan getting it and it is taking even more of a beating in Panama.

Here is the link Ryan sent me. Take some time and watch 12 short videos making up the Cerro Bunco Adventure. http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7F040D7426DE3710&feature=viewall

I enjoyed the videos and am sure you will as well.