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After talking to Bob Hatting and Chris Smoot yesterday, I decided that today would be a good day to make a video showing the location of Nutre Hogar in David. I thought if I drove without Bob, then I would make the same mistakes a person that did not the route well might make. I have been there several times, but it has been a while and the video will show that I made one mistake.

While I was there I went in and visited with Melitza whose photo is my original post for Nutre Hogar.

Today I got to meet Deysi (pronounced Daisy), who has not been there on my previous visits. She was gracious enough to allow me to take her photo.

I asked Melitza to send me an email telling me the types of items they need on a weekly basis. If after watching the video, you want a “Feel Good” experience, then make a drive out to Nutre Hogar and take along some of their needs.

If some of the kiddos are in the play area, then you might also want to spend some time playing with them. You can’t imagine how much they need the tactile experience of the human touch. If you can hold one of these kiddos and not feel a strong tugging on your heart strings, then you may be in need of a transplant.

Here is Melitza’s email and I have put a Google translation into English following it.

Buenos días Don, le envio lista de necesidades para esta semana.

1- Útiles de aseo (clorox, jabón en polvo, desinfectante, jabón de baño).

2- Víveres (aceite, sal, cereales, frijoles).

3- Verduras (ñame, otoe, yuca, papas, zapallo).

A Google Translation of the above:

Good morning Don, I am sending a list of needs for the week.

1 – cleaning supplies (Clorox, laundry soap, bleach, bath soap).

2 – food (olive oil, salt, cereals, beans).

3 – vegetables (yam, Otoe, cassava, potatoes, pumpkin).

Bob Hatting sent me an English translation of Nutre Hogar’s brochure. It will tell you more about Nutre Hogar. My original post had the local bank account number in case you would like to donate to their cause. I will make a further offer for those living outside of Panama. If you would like to make a donation to Nutre Hogar, I will provide you my PayPal account address and you can deposit to that account. Following your deposit, I will take the money to Nutre Hogar and get a receipt which I will email to you for your records.

Here is the information Bob sent.

Who are we ?

In order to sustain the Center we rely on the voluntary help of the community and the generous collaboration of businesses and individuals who provide in kind and cash donations, as well as annual activities that take place at the institution. The Center receives a state subsidy of $1,834.00 monthly.

The average monthly expenditure is $18,971.00, which represents a daily per child expense of $15.81.

The objective of Nutre Hogar is “To save the lives of boys and girls of preschool age who suffer from severe malnutrirtion, fundamentally of third degree. The children receive balanced nutrition, and necessary medical care, as well as the protection and affection that a child away from home requires. The expected result is an adequate recuperation that permits them to be reintegrated in the short term to their nuclear family.”

We have an average monthly census of 40 children, who stay with us for 3 to 8 months until they recuperate to an optimal general condition in order to be able to face the difficulties that the environment presents them. Our post-discharge program lasts one year and nine months, during which a record is maintained to monitor the child’s size, weight, and general physical state, and to provide nutritional help, orientation for their parents and payment for transportation so that they can keep their appointments.

Since the center opened until today approximately 1,926 boys and girls have been admitted and have recuperated. Children with malnutrition present multiple collateral illnesses such as dermatitis, debility of the digestive system, serious respiratory system conditions, corneal ulcers and a well-known delay in cognitive and motor function.

The Center also offers housing, locker room and specialized nutrition, an integrated care that starts with a medical evaluation, odontology, physical therapy, and early stimulation, as well as preschool teaching. The institution maintains a staff numbering 29 persons, including nurses, nursing assistants, and nannies, working in three daily shifts of eight hours, early childhood stimulation specialist, cook, driver, gardener, four administrative personnel, nutritionist, and preschool teacher, as well as the particpation of pediatric doctors, specialists (odontologist, ophthalmologist, physical therapist, orthopedist, etc.), in fact all the necessary personnel to do an effective job in regards to nutritional recuperation.


Born: September 17, 2005

Admitted to Nutre Hogar

September 7, 2006 with

Severe Malnutrition

Admission weight 9 pounds

Discharged March 26, 2007

with a weight of 16 pounds

Asociación Pro Nutrición Infantil

Nutre Hogar Chiriquí

Tel:775-7746 Telfax:774-5710


Apartado 0426-935

Nutre Hogar was founded in 1988 as an initiative of the Catholic Church by Monseñor Rómulo Emiliani, and with the support of the community, in the face of alarming statistics of infantile malnutrition in the Republic of Panama. The Chiriquí Center was opened on October 15, 1991. Chiriquí province has the highest rate of malnutrition in the nation due to having the largest concentration of indigenous population in the country.

Work was begun in a small location and, thanks to the support of the Telethon of the Club Activo 20-30 of 1992, we were able to move to a more adequate location better suited to our work in 1993. The Chiriquí Nutre Hogar Center includes an area of one hectare of land, where our facilities are located.

These facilities consist of:

Physical Therapy and Creativity Room, Play Area, Preschool Classroom, Nursery, Children’s Bathroom remodeled in 2006, four Bedrooms of different capacities: seventeen, fourteen, seven and six isolation beds, Dining Room, Kitchen, Food Delivery Area, Food Pantry, Walk-in Cooler, Walk-in Freezer, Nurse’s Station, Treatment Room, Medication Storeroom, Reception Room, Administrative Office, Visiting Room for Parents and Families with a bathroom, Bathroom for Personnel, Dressing Room, General Storeroom, Laundry and Garage.

The children admitted here come through José Domingo de Obaldia Maternity and Infants Hospital, where they are treated for any pathology that could interfere with the nutritional treatment that they receive at Nutre Hogar.


Born: September 9, 2006

Admitted to Nutre Hogar

December 22, 2006 with

Severe Malnutrition

Admission weight 6 pounds

Upon her release after being in our institution for one year, and struggling with several conditions due to her nutritional state, which were resolved prior to her discharge,

she had achieved a weight of 20.5 pounds


40 breakfasts are served

48 cribs are cleaned and disinfected

186 baby bottles are provided, with various formulas

63 afternoon snacks are delivered

427 diapers, 140 sheets and 20 towels are washed

20 children receive nebulizer treatments

50 disposable diapers are used

40 regular and 44 special diets are provided

3 shifts of 8 hours of nurses, assistants and nannies go to work

Daily medications are dispensed

And we are dedicated to giving all of the children …


On a final note. Melitza told me that on Saturday, October 1, 2011, in Parque Cervantes, there will be activities supporting Nutre Hogar. If you have donationations, you can take them to the park on that date between 9 AM and 4PM.

I plan on being there. It will be a good way to have some fun, do some good for those in need, and support a very worthwhile organization.

7 thoughts on “Nutre Hogar – Give Till It Feels Good

  1. Don Ray,

    Linda Card was the one who translated and the brochure for Nutre hogar. She did an excellent job. For those folks that have MSPublisher, I can send them the entire files with all the photos. I hope to get some brochures printed in English today.
    Again, kudos to Linda Card.

  2. These folks obviously do a great job. Enjoyed taking the trip with you and certainly looking forward to moving down. One thing that struck me though. It (the location) appears to be a long way out of town. Perhaps, it is only an optical illusion but it appears to be. Perhaps a drop-off location in town would encourage a greater offering of donations. Just a thought. Perhaps a business would volunteer just one day a week to accept donations. It might also drive a greater number of visitors to the business location and therefore greater sales for them.

  3. The time to drive there is on the video. It doesn’t take that long. I drove slow. One trip to the place would be a good experience for anyone.

    If it is too far and people want to drop off donations with me inDavid, I will be happy to see that they are received. I took them some things today.

  4. Hola Don, et. al- I’m very happy that I was able to help Nutre Hogar by translating their brochure, and I learned a lot about them in the process. I’m equally glad that you all are making good use of the brochure by posting it, and hope you get a generous response in donations for “the kiddos”.

    I’d like to offer my help to other non-profit groups that have literature, in Spanish or English, that they would like translated. Please let me know if I can help. Ciao, Linda

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