I Feel Like Meatloaf Today

Every week Chef Luis, of the Cuatro Restaurant, sends me his Executive menu for the week. Today, I am starting to get hungry and the thought of having some good meatloaf and mashed potatoes just sounds good to me.

If his weekly menu is posted on the Cuatro website, I can’t find it. If you ask Chef Luis., he might email you a weekly menu too. I think it should be a feature of his website and will ask him if my age is preventing me from finding it.

Here is the menu for this week.

Since I am going today, I will take a video of how to get there and publish it on my original post.

I just got back. I ordered the onion soup, the meatloaf and ice tea. As always, everything was great.

Photos follow:

I also asked Chef Luis about the weekly menu. He does have a mailing list. If you want to get on the list, click HERE to email him your request.

Following is a video of how to get to Restaurante Cuatro.

7 thoughts on “I Feel Like Meatloaf Today

  1. It just occurred to me that I can use your “Driving to………” You Tube series as a way to give my friends directions. Who needs street signs anyway??

  2. Hi Don Ray,
    It was very nice to run into you at Quatro yesterday… hadn’t seen you in a long time. I also thought the meatloaf was excellent, although the serving size was too much for me to finish.

  3. Hi OT. I always look for street signs, but they are never where I need the,

    Fran. It was also nice to see you. I also left with a full belly, but that allowed me to skip dinner.

  4. Hi, Great for Quatro’s business..free lunch for you is my vote..
    We will try it next trip.

    Yesterday I shared your info re the Calles and Avenidas..

    Then we watched for Yellow Lines (2 way) and white lines (one way)..
    Of couse we ended up on several streets that had neither..so we guessed.lol

  5. Hi Don, we went to Cuatro the week we were in town and the food was fantastic. Thanks for the recommendation. The sangria is good as well.

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