The Rock in Boquete

Sunday is the day I like to have a higher quality meal. It is the day I splurge a little and yesterday was no exception. My neighbor and I decided that yesterday should be a Boquete outing. I only go to Boquete a couple times a year, so I decided to go to one of the higher ranked restaurants in Boquete – The Rock.

The Rock was called the Palo Alto Riverside Restaurant, the last time I went there. The new restaurant was redone following the last Boquete flood, which forced the remodeling.

I liked the decor of the new restaurant.

The setting out back, next to the river, is also pleasant it it isn’t raining.

Here is the menu of selections to choose from.

Prior to the meal, we were brought fresh bread. It was excellent.

My neighbor chose the steamed trout. She thought it was very good.

I chose the Baby Back Ribs.

I thought the ribs were cooked to the proper tenderness, but I think they want overboard on the sauce. Far too much sauce for my taste. The quantity of ribs was adequate for the price and I enjoyed the steak fries.

My neighbor has a cappuccino after her meal, which was not photographed. She enjoyed it. It was in a large cup whose design would have been uncomfortable for left handed drinkers.

I ordered the Crème brûlée. It came in traditional and coffee flavored. I would give it an 8 for flavor and a 3 for description. A crème brûlée is supposed to be a custard base and these has more of a texture of thickened milk. I could have poured it onto my plate. I also thought the $7.00 charge was a bit steep.

The presentation was very nice on all food that came to the table and the service was first class.

I do have one criticism that The Rock must act on. This is the rainy season in Panama. If it is raining in Chiriquí, it will be raining more in Boquete. We arrived at the restaurant without rain. Soon after we got there it began to rain and continued our entire meal.

When it was time to leave, it was still pouring down and I asked if they had an umbrella to use to go to my car. The restaurant has a nice covered drop-off to keep guests from getting wet coming and going.

When they came with their umbrella, it was one of the small briefcase models and it was broke and could not be used. For a restaurant of this caliber, this is totally inexcusable. They should have at least two of the large heavy duty umbrellas for guests to use when it is raining.

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