Driving to the Pedregal Marina

Following is another car cam video. This one takes you from the southernmost point on Calle Miguel Brenes at the traffic light and goes to the Pedregal Marina. The end of the video is at Stella’s Marina Restaurant, which is usually mo only reason to go to the Marina. It is closed this week for the owner’s vacation.

Points of interest in this video will be the David Jail (current home for “Wild Bill”), Coca Cola plant, the David Court house, The David Airport, and the Pedregal Marina.

5 thoughts on “Driving to the Pedregal Marina

  1. Most folks including myself have never seen Wire Town. Perhaps you would be interested in taking a drive in and about the area with your cool little Car Cam.

  2. Been there, ate there, enjoyed there! Thanks for the memories on getting there. I realy enjoyed the cam trip! I hope to get back there soon!

    Steve Myers
    Baton Rouge, LA

  3. Don,
    Many gringos probably don’t realize you passed the Olympic swimming pool on the left just before you got to the airport. Many people do not realize that with a $4-6 health certificate from your Dr or most clinics in town and 2 current passport size pix you can go there and swim for FREE! You only have to take a swimming test to verify you are able.
    Great exercise and little used by the locals. sometimes there are just 2 or 3 people there.

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