Driving Eastbound Avenida 2 in David, Chiriquí

Following is a video driving the limits of Avenida 2 eastbound from Calle Miguel A Brenes to Calle Obaldia. Typically the Avenidas have the right of way and don’t have stop signs to honor. The exception is the One-way Calle that runs from Avenida 4 (Eastbound) to the InterAmerican Highway.

Typically the Calles have stop signs at every corner. Some exceptions are the One_way Calle mentioned above, Calle Miguel A Brenes, and Calle Obaldia.

4 thoughts on “Driving Eastbound Avenida 2 in David, Chiriquí

  1. Don Ray:
    Little history for you, Cable Onda is located where the only fast food restaurant was in David when I was growing up. Do you know the name of it? Hint…American chain, has milkshakes and ice creams.

  2. Don Ray:
    You are correct!. Funny thing, they did have empanadas and other things you do not find on DQ in US. I remember it was a franchised DQ from “Franquicias Panamenas”, a company also handling the KFC’s franchises in Panama. They are no longer in that corner or in David, right?

  3. There is always a DQ at the fair and I always go there and have a chili dog. Every year they say they are ready to put one in near the KFC and Pizza Hit. Hasn’t happened yet, but they are in Panama City.

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