4 thoughts on “Driving Around Parque Cervantes in David, Chiriquí

  1. Don Ray:
    Romero, Revilla, Hotel Iris, and Banco Nacional have been there for 30+ years, maybe 40.
    Picadilly used to be the best theater when I was a kid. I watched “Jaws” there on Christmas 1975 and was terrified.

  2. The Romero supermarket , which is behind the storefront was sold to El Rey. The Romero department store, which faces the park, was also sold and is being remodeled and will open in the future. I don’t know if the name will remain the same or not.

  3. Don Ray:
    Oh no! Tell me it isn’t so… I have my first summer job at 15 yo in Romero when I was doing inventory on Sundays (they were closed on Sundays) for a couple of weeks and I made the total amount of…(drum roll) $45.

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