Line Colors on Streets Are Important

Before I forget, I should mention that the dividing lines on the streets are color coded (assuming they have marked the dividing line). If the streets are one way, the the dividing line will be white. If you are on a street with a white dividing line, make sure you are going the right direction.

Two way streets have a yellowish orange dividing line.

4 thoughts on “Line Colors on Streets Are Important

  1. Wow!! Thanks for this information! 4/5 times we have been on a 2 way street..that “all of a sudden ” becomes one way at a corner.
    Other times it was just hard to be sure..since no sign.
    Folks are surely helpful though when you Do dive in the wrong stop…Pedestrians assist..everyone laughs and shakes their head (including us).
    Anyway that has been our experience these past 6 years.
    Now I can “look ahead” (as you say, “If there is a line painted”…)

  2. Then all we have to do is figure out which is the right way 🙂 Are they wrong or am I – it’s gotta be them, doesn’t it? lol

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