Driving Avenida 4 in David, Chiriquí

In the continuing series of David driving videos, the following video is for Avenida 4. It is an east bound street that goes through the major downtown shopping and by Parque Cervantes.

8 thoughts on “Driving Avenida 4 in David, Chiriquí

  1. Don Ray:
    Thanks for the videos, again showed me the changes David is going thru. At the end of this video there is an empty lot on the right. This was, I believe you know this, the area where the “Mercado Publico” was. My grandpa on father side and my grandma on my mother side used to walk there daily way into their late 70’s to early 80’s to buy groceries, meat, and of course, lottery tickets. My dad and I used to go there on Sundays to get lottery tickets also. buy them. He will talk to lot of people before he Ah, the memories!

  2. wow Don Ray these videos are so helpful, greatly appreciated. I wonder if there would be a way for you to add a category under the links section for newbies & us oldersters to easily reference them?

  3. Hi Sharon,
    All of this type video are under the “Car Cam Video” tag and category and are in the link section.

    I am glad you found the videos helpful.

  4. Hi, left a message on bouqete.ning.com re how very helpful these videos are….especially for us “highlanders” lol

  5. Wouldn’t it be great to make videos of how to find the various “Emergency Rooms at the local hospitals throughout David? Some of the new folks might find this useful and could save precious time, life saving time.

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